Friday 8 May 2009

A new obsession

For a while now I have been having a love affair with screen printing. I love the simplicity and ease with which people create stunning fabrics that can be used for all sorts of projects. From tea towels, to cushions, to aprons, or for bags, purses . . . the list is endless.

I keep discovering new (to me) designers and it is making me a little obsessed with this art form. I am becoming desperate to learn it and create some fabric for myself. As you know, I am branching out to stock hand printed fabrics in the shop and i think this search has had a lot to do with feeding my obsession.

Whilst perusing through Etsy recently I have found a couple of designers who do it so well. Their designs are paramount to capturing that simplicity that is so stunning. Less is so much more with this for me. The choice of fresh, natural colours and the simple prints make all these items so beautiful I don't want to take my eyes off them. (Their photography is rather stunning too!)

The first two are by Kalla, a Japanese artist who uses a cotton/linen mix fabric and then screen prints her geometric designs using gorgeous greens and blues. I NEED those table runners. Mmmm.

I am totally in love with Elizabeth Bentz's pieces. I love the hand drawn feel to her designs and again the colours she uses are just stunning.

I feel very inspired by seeing work like this - and also very frustrated because I want to do it myself RIGHT NOW. Only maybe I should just stare at these as there is no way anything I attempt will capture the beauty that these 2 ladies have achieved.


Winter Tree said...

I did a double take when your post popped into reader, because I would soooooo love to have a go at screen printing too! Those pics you posted are fab. Whatever chance you have of finding a course, I reckon I have none over here :( Just noticed you're in leeds - came across earlier and as a result I am very jealous of Leeds and it's crafty and arty resources!!

Hitomi Kimura said...

Hi Kare,
Thank you so much for posting and introducing my products! You have a very interesting blog! Looking forward to hearing from you again :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including my work. I love the kalla fabric too!

You should definitely experiment with screen printing. It seems like a few good craft books have come out recently. Have you seen the printing by hand book by lena corwin? I bet it would be a helpful resource if you are just starting out. The pictures alone are very inspiring!

Jess said...

Nice pinny! Have you heard of Lotta Jansdotter? I feel another obsession coming on!!

One Flew Over said...

Thanks for posting these! I adore that cushion.

Kristy said...

Have you seen Theresa Green's work?
I saw her things at the Royal Exchange last week. Very nice.