Saturday 30 June 2012

I am absolutely delighted to share my news with you that my blog is now sponsored by the following fantastic UK online fabric stores.

I am extremely honoured and proud that these wonderful shops view my blog as worthy enough to sponsor and so if you don't know them already please do click on the links on the right and peruse their wonderful collections.
Each one is very different from the next with what they offer and I will be telling you about all of them over the next few day.

Let me introduce the first one to you today and those of you that are regular readers of my blog will find it a very familiar name. 
M is for Make is run by the lovely Kate who handpicks the most wonderful collection of fabrics from all over the world. Kate is based in Brighton and M is for Make is the result  of a lifelong love of pretty fabrics and sewing.
Kate supplements her lovely collection of fabrics with the best collection of beautiful Japanese sewing books and fantastic sewing patterns. I have several of the Japanese sewing books and even though I don't understand a word of them, the photographs alone are enough to entice me into thinking one day I may be able to make something from them.

You may remember Kate generously offering me a selection of fabrics - any selection I wanted - to make a quilt for Siblings Together. A couple of the fabrics I had chosen hadn't yet been released and coincidentally coinciding with the launch of my sponsors they arrived this week. I have a feeling that the Denyse Schmidt on the top is not going to hang around for long.

The partnership with my sponsors is going to bring lots of exciting news, giveaways and other opportunities for you, so please stick around as I announce each in turn.

Friday 29 June 2012

 My week in pictures...

Like lots of us out there I'm a little bit addicted to Instagram on my iphone.
It's such a brilliant way to record day-day life without having to have a camera permanently on one's person.

Here's my week this week...

 Monday: Wimbledon started...which saw me adopting my favourite lunchtime position. I can be seen here quite a bit this fortnight.

 Tuesday: finally got around to washing the party bunting. Unfortunately it is still in a tangled heap due to being alternately drying and rained on all week.

Wednesday: capturing a rare UK Summer 2012 sunny shot, depicting how at least the rain is certainly helping to produce full blooms.

Thursday: An evening stroll up the road for me to meet friends for dinner, while Matthew and Ruby decide to go on their own summer's evening little jaunt.

Friday: Thanks to an Instagram pic from Sarah, I managed to bag this fab neutral nail polish free with Marie Claire this month. Now all I need to do is remember to buy some polish remover so I can complete the hand...

You may notice a distinct lack of sewing this week. I can assure you there has been plenty going on behind the scenes, as well as some other exciting stuff, which I am waiting to announce very soon. (If you have beady eyes you may already have caught a glimpse of it here...)

Monday 25 June 2012

I've been eyeing up my Kona chart today with the aim of working on some solid based pieces.

Sometimes when you look at the chart it is easy to get distracted by all the pretty colours but it is all the neutrals that I'm interested in at the moment, perhaps with a splash of tangerine and coral.

It's seems as though I'm still in my orange phase although I am also tempted by some teals and Caribbean blue...maybe I'll incorporate both.

The tricky bit however is trying to find a UK stockist that has these if you are one please do shout out!

Sunday 24 June 2012

It's Brit Quilt Swap time...

I probably should have done this post yesterday to give those Brits amongst you that wanted a chance to sign up to do so (sorry, sign up closed today).
I'm excited to hear who I'm going to be sewing for and see what amazing piece (no pressure there!) my secret partner comes up with for me.

Here's the mosaic I constructed to give my partner a feel for my likes at the mo but please head here for all the links to these stunning pieces as I forgot to save them to post here.

Other participants have posted some fantastic treasuries and it's going to be lots of fun following what everyone is up to.

Keep an eye on it all too here... 

Saturday 23 June 2012

 Today has been so lovely and so unusual in so many ways.
Today we had no plans whatsoever.
Today we got to just hang out and see where the day took us.

Ruby decided early on that the day was going to take us to a baking session.
She was quite right when she said we hadn't done this for ages.
We soon rectified that and a short stroll later up to the shops to buy supplies and we were perfectly equipped for such a sesh.

Yesterday, with an equally rare Friday off I pulled out my recently bought Noodlehead Go Anywhere Bag pattern and set to work on making me a bag.
I delved into my saved-for-something-special Lotta Jansdotter Echo stash and made myself a bag.

This bag is just perfect. Perfect handle length, perfect sized inside pocket (customised to hold my favourite pen, iphone and old-lady-can't-leave-the-house-without-specs) and perfectly sized without everything lost inside. 

Our unplanned day today was also taken up with making a Noodlehead bag for Ruby, who decided she also was needing such a bag.

I reduced the size a little to make it 10 year old friendly, but still with the requisite customised for-when-Mummy-finally-buys-me-a-phone pocket.

Socialising and plans can be so over-rated. 
I haven't enjoyed a Saturday so much in ages.
I hope you have had an equally lovely Saturday.

Friday 22 June 2012

Friday already?? Where on earth has this week gone??!
I have no idea what happened to Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday I was in London at the NOTHS Meet Up, which was fab.
It is always wonderful to meet up with virtual friends and when you are listening to inspirational talks and given a free lunch, then all the better!

 I am consequently left today feeling rather pooped to put it mildly and politely!
I have just about enough energy to show you my Bella cushion created from the other half of the charm pack.

 Again, I kept it simple and let the little pieces I had shout from the rooftops.
Man, I love these fabrics!
The colours, the designs, the whole combo is just way too perfect. I've a feeling I'm going to be buying whole bolts of this range!
I finished off the cushion making an envelope backing in a bright turquoise solid.
Looking at it I could almost convince myself that the rain isn't lashing down and my heating isn't on and it really is summer time here in the UK...

Friday 15 June 2012

 It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Lotta Jansdotter. Her simplistic , fresh, Scandinavian style ticks all boxes as far as I am concerned.
She shook the world when her first line Echo for Windham fabrics hit our shelves last year and I am predicting an even bigger world shake up when her next line Bella arrives in August.

I was lucky enough to be sent a charm pack of Bella and let me tell you, it sure has the wow factor. I am going to stick my neck out here and say I may actually prefer it to Echo.

Maybe it's the colour combos that Bella comes in or may it's that the patterns aren't quite as bold individually so work really well when adding to projects.

Because a charm pack isn't the biggest pack on the block I had to team it with other fabrics and because I wanted to showcase Bella in all it's glory i decided to team it with coordinating solids (in this case some lovely Klona cottons), rather than any other prints.

I split the charm pack up into 2 groups and used the orange and cobalt blue pieces in this quilt, saving the greys, yellow and turquoise for my second project which you can see a glimpse of in the bottom photo below.

Again, trying to keep it simple, I backed my Bella quilt in a denim coloured cotton and bound it in my new orange stripe fabric, which actually was born from a desire for an orange stripe to bind it with!
I for one can not wait for this line to be released and having had a play with a few precious pieces I am very excited about having more to really go for it with.

If you want to read more about this line and how Lotta creates her designs go for an informative read here.

And watch this space for what I am doing with the other pieces...

Saturday 9 June 2012

 It's been a hellava week this week. One that can be basically be described as a bit of a post celebration blur.
I'll post about the amazing weekend we had at another time, when I can put into words what we all went through and when I've picked myself up off the floor from exhaustion. 
I don't remember Sam's flooring me quite so much, but I think that's a lot to do with us being out of routine this week with the extra Bank Holidays and Half Term. If we had been back to routine the next day we would have had no choice but to get on with it.

We spent most of this week sleeping late, saying farewell to visiting family and friends and generally living in the moment.
By the time Matthew went back to work yesterday we were finding it tricky to get out of our slump.
I dived into the cellar to get some printing done for some orders that were piling up and as is my normal trick started playing around with an idea that had been forming in amongst the blur.
As you know i normally print in colour on white fabric but wanted to give printing on some colours a go.
This ended up with me printing on a fair few of my solids and rather liking where it was going. The main reason behind this was the need to order more magnets and deciding that perhaps they would look better with more colour.
I've put up a couple of pics here to get a feel of the difference.
What do you reckon? Printing on solids or printing on white?
I'm rather liking how the solids look coupled with other fabrics. The design seems to stand out better, particularly with the blues, but on the other hand the postage stamp block seems to work with the print on white.
Maybe I'm too tired this week to make a decision or maybe there is a place for both.
Do you have an opinion? Would you like to see more designs on a coloured background?
Would love to know what you think. You are probably less tired than I am...unless of course you are recuperating from FQR...