Friday 22 June 2012

Friday already?? Where on earth has this week gone??!
I have no idea what happened to Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday I was in London at the NOTHS Meet Up, which was fab.
It is always wonderful to meet up with virtual friends and when you are listening to inspirational talks and given a free lunch, then all the better!

 I am consequently left today feeling rather pooped to put it mildly and politely!
I have just about enough energy to show you my Bella cushion created from the other half of the charm pack.

 Again, I kept it simple and let the little pieces I had shout from the rooftops.
Man, I love these fabrics!
The colours, the designs, the whole combo is just way too perfect. I've a feeling I'm going to be buying whole bolts of this range!
I finished off the cushion making an envelope backing in a bright turquoise solid.
Looking at it I could almost convince myself that the rain isn't lashing down and my heating isn't on and it really is summer time here in the UK...


Charlotte said...

oooh, that's gorgeous! I love the circles!

Paravent said...

It looks fabulous Karen! Great work :) Kx

Nicky said...

Very cute - excuse my ignorance but what is NOTHS!?

Debs said...

Wow, love the pillow, and know what you mean about having the heating on! I am sitting quilting next to a log fire! Never mind, nice and cosy and quilty at least, even though its midsummer!

Cherie said...

That's so gorgeous! I love the colour scheme =D