Sunday 31 May 2009

Sunday Stash

I keep reading gorgeous blog entries on a Sunday, showing us all inspirational fabrics. It's one of the highlights of my blogging week, reading everybodies' contributions. So I thought I'd join in.

Yesterday I received an anticipated package, so I thought it appropriate to share the contents with you.

Having recently made my Oh Deer Cushion, using up my much adored Ice Blue Honeycomb by Kei Fabric, I scoured the internet to find more. Frances from Matatabi on Etsy had a brown version (gorgeous, but not what I had in mind). Having contacted her however, she very helpfully set me up a reserved listing for some Ice that she had just got in. While I was at it I decided to buy some in Pink and Blue too.

So, please, sit back and enjoy my Sunday Stash of Honeycomb fabrics. Oh and a glance at the gorgeous tape Frances sent me as a thank you.

Friday 29 May 2009

Cushion Developments

It's been half-term this week, which is always a juggling act between doing work thet must be done, work that I'd like to get done and looking after and being with the children. Basically, nothing really gets done on any of the scores and if we get through the week all still friends then it's been a successful one.

Today was penned in to be a definite work day. Matthew has taken the day off and taken the children to Newby Hall, which is one of their favourite places. If only I'd clicked on the website today to check directions, openning times, anything, I would have seen they were having a Craft & Food Fair today. How could I miss that??

So, I'm back home and they are off in the sunshine. The least I can do is make sure it is a productive one.
I haven't done much work this week, but what I have done is finish the 3 boys' cushions. What do you think? They are going to be for sale as is, but also be available in a kit form for you to have a go yourself. All contents (except pad) and instructions to make exactly what you see. What d'ya reckon? Fancy having a go?

I can't decide which is my favourite. I'm quite partial to the Giraffe. He's rather cute.

I really must tackle my To Do list now, but next week I'll be cracking on with making the girls' versions. They are all ready in my head, just have to have the time to get them done.

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Some for the boys

I have been stocking the talented Kristen Doran's Russian Doll and Bunny Kits for a while now and am delighted that the Drummer Boy and Robots have also landed in the shop. It's all too easy to find gorgeous things for the girls, but as we all know, downright impossible to find fab things for the boys.

So I knew I had to stock these for you all, to fill that much needed gap. The colours and the quality are just stunning and I know you are going to love them too. They make a fantastic crafting activity and then a great present to give and treasure. I'm definitely going to be making some for my nephew.

And it shouldn't be too much longer before we have the Prints Charming panels in too...

Bank Holiday loveliness

Bank Holidays don't come much better than bathed in the sunshine we all had. I don't think I ventured further than 1 mile from home and spent alot of time right here on my deck, but we had the best time. Friends gathered for Barbeques at times. At others we strolled into the park. Otherwise we chilled.

Hope wherever you were you experienced the same relaxing moments xx

Thursday 21 May 2009

Good enough to eat

Whilst I was at BCTF last month I was multi-tasking as only a good woman can. Not only was I presenting my own work, but I had my buying hat on too. This made me feel quite schizophrenic at first and I was getting a bit manic not sure what I was focussing on. I did eventually manage to calm down and focus on one thing at a time.

In doing so I saw some gorgeous things that are gradually making their way into Blueberry Park. Remember Jane's gorgeous Pocket Mirrors? The latest addition is some amazing soaps by Maria Clark.
I kid you not when I say I could smell these soaps from the other end of the hall. Honestly, they are the most exquisite things you have ever seen. Perfect little fairy cakes.

I really admire Maria's business ethos. Not only does she use all natural products in her amazing range of soaps, but she runs an ethical business, where she supports women in the community who, for one reason and another, can not hold down regular employment. We are all striving to make our mark in this world and running our own little businesses and to be able to do so in a way that helps others too is important.

Preaching over...hope you enjoy the images :-)

Tuesday 19 May 2009


It appears that the cushion obsession has lasted another day. I had in my head what I wanted to do for a children's range and for once what has been produced is exactly what I had envisaged. I wanted to use simple imagery and colours. After all this is a children's range. I didn't want it to get over-powering and busy.

I'm very into my linen at the moment (in case you hadn't noticed) and wanted to incorporate the freshness of that. I am producing 3 boys designs and 3 for the girls, all coordinating with each other for those that feel 1 is just not enough. There will also be 2 or 3 colourways within the series. After all, we all like a choice.

Another thing I am loving at the moment is this rectangular shape. It really lends itself to a bit more detail. As does the stitching, that also seems to feature quite heavily in what I am doing at the moment.

Hopefully I'll have the full range to show you very soon.

Monday 18 May 2009

Where's my squid?

I for one have been really pleased that it's rained on and off all weekend (sorry!). We were going to go for a family day out on Saturday but decided we couldn't face dodging the rain clouds.

Consequently, I got plenty of time to make the other 2 cushions I wanted to. Having made the first, I had a feeling it was going to be case of one of those jobs that never got done, as far as the other 2 were concerned. On this occasion, I was well off the mark and got not one, but 2 completed. The secret was to do Matthew's first and then still wanting one for myself, I'd have no trouble to be motivated to do that!

I included Matthew in the decision process (or so I'd like hime to think) and let him choose fabrics to be included (within the design frame of course) I think he is pleased with it. But his first (and continued) reaction was 'Where's my squid?' I think we all know that the squid was never going to make it.

As for the fishies he was so desperate to include... there really was only one place for these...

Mine obviously had to include Social Climber. I'm now waiting anxiously for my aunt to come over from USA in a couple of weeks, with reinforcements of this that I've ordered from Cia's Palette as I'm now all out. It also had to include the fabulous paisley from Prints Charming (next project is to use the gorgeous blue and red version)

Having completed our bedroom cushion project I am on a mission to redo ALL the cushions in the house! (Ruby has already put her orders in) I've also been rather preoccupied with thinking up children's designs for the shop. So watch this space...this is just the beginning...

Sunday 17 May 2009

Etsy Treasury

A big thank you to Toofabulous for including my Flower Brooch Kits in her jewel of an Etsy Treasury
And if I knew how to copy the whole page I would add it here too! But you'll have to click on the link to see the lovely selection. (If anyone can help me with this, please let me know)

Amendment... Here's the treasury... Thanks Tara x

Saturday 16 May 2009

Deer, deer

I've been wanting to make some cushions for our bedroom for ages. We are waiting to redecorate, but until we can manage it, I want to detract from the decor we inherited (yes, Manda, we didn't do this ourselves!)

I've been gathering a pile of fantastic fabrics recently and I wanted to use some of these. Not being able to decide between several of them I thought I'd see which ones went together. I am absolutely in love with the Social Climber fabric I bought from Saints and Pinners and also have been a bit obsessed with the Oh Deer sample I had been sent through from Shannon of Aunty Cookie. Fortunately, with a bit of coordinating blue stiching around the deers, I think these 2 compliment each other well.

Another favourite on the pile was pulled in as well. My delicious Icy Blue Honeycomb from Kei fabrics just finishes it all of nicely. (Or so I think!)

I decided to run the Social Climber round the back too. Maybe this was a bit extravagant, but for me it keeps it all alive, rather than just a plain linen. I used my gorgeous new linen to make the binding for the envelope opening.

I'm really pleased with the outcome of the cushion and can't wait to do something matching with the very tired large cushions it leans up against.

Wednesday 13 May 2009

A star is born

I don't seem to have alot of time at the moment for playing in my studio creating new things. I've been full on compiling lots of kits to send to my lovely new stockists. At times it doesn't bother me when I don't have creative time. I'm just too busy to notice. My head is too full of everything that needs doing for it to even register. The regular orders for my pictures and cards give me some creative and playing time.

And then something external drives me to make up a new kit or produce a new item. This happened this week. Someone mentioned Father's Day and did I have any kits their child could make a present for daddy with. They felt the hearts were a bit more girlie and perhaps the daddy in question wasn't likely to dangle a heart from anywhere.

Hence the new Star kits are born. I'm really pleased with them and think they will bridge that gap for something for the boys. I find it difficult to find kits suitable for the boys to do, as well as presents to give to boys - such awkward buggers! The Mum in question has already bought a couple, so I guess I've delivered on what the customer brief was. And, of course, they are available here now :-)

Sunday 10 May 2009

Introducing Amy

Ruby came home on Friday with the best homework in the make a sock puppet! Ros was a little bit peeved that perhaps Sadie's wouldn't be the best in the class and that maybe Ruby had an unfair advantage, but hey, your child can only work to their (mother's) strengths :-)

This was actually literacy homework (huh?). They are performing plays at school and they each have to make a sock puppet of the character that they are acting out. Ruby is Amy, who according to her is a bit of a naughty girl, so we tried to make Amy look a bit of a tearaway.

Now this homework was obviously met with much enthusiasm by both Ruby and myself. The only problem was establishing whose homework it actually was. Once Ruby had conceded that really it was mine, the fun could begin.

Or so I thought. It transpired rather quickly that it wasn't actually my homework and what I wanted was quite irrelevent and how I wanted Amy to look was immaterial. Despite all this I think Amy has come out looking exactly as her character suggests - a rather dishevilled, non-conformist tearaway. Well done Rubes.

Friday 8 May 2009

A new obsession

For a while now I have been having a love affair with screen printing. I love the simplicity and ease with which people create stunning fabrics that can be used for all sorts of projects. From tea towels, to cushions, to aprons, or for bags, purses . . . the list is endless.

I keep discovering new (to me) designers and it is making me a little obsessed with this art form. I am becoming desperate to learn it and create some fabric for myself. As you know, I am branching out to stock hand printed fabrics in the shop and i think this search has had a lot to do with feeding my obsession.

Whilst perusing through Etsy recently I have found a couple of designers who do it so well. Their designs are paramount to capturing that simplicity that is so stunning. Less is so much more with this for me. The choice of fresh, natural colours and the simple prints make all these items so beautiful I don't want to take my eyes off them. (Their photography is rather stunning too!)

The first two are by Kalla, a Japanese artist who uses a cotton/linen mix fabric and then screen prints her geometric designs using gorgeous greens and blues. I NEED those table runners. Mmmm.

I am totally in love with Elizabeth Bentz's pieces. I love the hand drawn feel to her designs and again the colours she uses are just stunning.

I feel very inspired by seeing work like this - and also very frustrated because I want to do it myself RIGHT NOW. Only maybe I should just stare at these as there is no way anything I attempt will capture the beauty that these 2 ladies have achieved.

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Prints Charming

I was lucky enough to be sent the biggest stash of fantastic samples from Prints Charming this week. As you know I am beginning to offer fabrics at the shop and I am currently looking at being a stockist for Prints Charming.

For those of you that don't know, Cath and Kirsten are the extremely talented duo behind these gorgeous hand printed fabrics. Their designs are bold, fresh and quite simply stunning. They are fantastic for quilting and other craft projects, as well lending themselves beautifully for embroidering around the shapes.

I'm still deciding which ones to stock. I'm obviously being a big kid in a sweet shop and want all of them. maybe you can help me out and let me know which are your faves and which you'd like to see in the shop.