Monday 28 April 2014

default setting...

 at the beginning of april i declared that i had 4 quilts to complete by the end of the month. since it is still not quite the end of the month i can live in false comfort that i can still achieve this.
reality is...

not a hope in hell!!

having said that, I am 2 1/2 down and 1 1/2 to go...but even at my crazy rate, that's neigh on impossible.

so what has been holding me back i hear you ask?

well there has been the little thing of "the book". there were a few nips n tucks and tweaks that needed attending to but a couple of weeks ago it went off to the printers so all we can do now is wait!

i am beyond excited and beyond nervous about it in equal measure. it's my baby...and everyone wants their baby to be loved and adored, right? criticism is so hard to be kind!

the publishers have been brilliant. it has all been such a journey and such a steep learning curve but i think they got me down to a T...they most certainly have with the front cover anyway. i only saw this complete for the first time today on Amazon and coincidentally i posted this picture below earlier today on Instagram talking about my default colour setting. i think there is little arguing now about and the same! i do try to work in something fresh and different, but no matter how hard it always comes back to this. i guess i just shouldn't fight it. it's not such a bad default setting after all.

meanwhile back to the April Must more book excuses, so let's just see quite how much we can do in the next 2 (2?? really?? only 2??) days...

Wednesday 16 April 2014

wildwood shots...

 i was thrilled yesterday to see some of the pieces i had made with wildwood, dashwood studios latest fabric range photographed so beautifully.

dashwood had photographer yeshen venema in to take some studio shots of all the items that i and others had made with wildwood.

it was quite an honour to see things i had made photographed so stunningly.
i am thinking i may need to call on yeshen's services to take some shots of my other work.

in the meantime check out all the other lovely work others have made with wildwood here.
they all look amazing.

Monday 7 April 2014

all in a day's work...

 getting ready for the next edition of the blueberry park fabric club means there is a lot of this going on at the mo...

which means there is lots of this to do favourite kind of washing up.

there is trialling of new colour mixes...the perfect shade of mustard printed onto white...

all followed by hanging out to dry, ironing and folding, with a little caressing thrown in.

all in a day's play work.

Thursday 3 April 2014

4 quilts...

 by the end of the month...not too much to ask is it? 

time will tell and we will just gloss over the fact that 2 of the 4 weeks remaining are school holidays and my time isn't quite my own.

{1} a blueberry park creation...

{2} grey abbey by cloud 9 commission...

{3] oakshott colourshott 

{4} summertime concoction

i have started all 4 in the hope that each one will be that bit closer to finishing as the month progresses.

right, i had better crack on then...
see you on the other side...or part way through for progress reports.

so what have you planned for April?