Wednesday 26 October 2011

Triangle Mania!

I think I'm rather enjoying this one.
Is it wrong to say that?
This design and I spent quality time together in the design process and we developed a mutual respect and understanding.

It goes without saying that I tried out this design in my 3 favourite colours. It would have been rude not too and quite frankly you would have been disappointed with me if I hadn't. Or on the other hand, maybe you would have been quite relieved.

Not only did I print onto fabric, but I also wanted to see how the design looked on paper. I'm thinking the design would work well as wrapping paper. I'm not totally sure I'm ready to print such big scale, but hey, a girl's got to keep dreaming.

Tuesday 25 October 2011

So, I took my designs to the screen printing studio today. I know this isn't the design you were thinking I'd be showing you, but all in good time with triangle fever (ooh, I think I've just named it...was wondering what to call it!). I want to sew some of it up before I show you the fruits of my labour.
Suffice it to say, I am rather pleased with the outcome.

I'd also like to introduce to you Scruffy Daisy... grey...

...bright blue...

...and red.

Scruffy Daisy is the result of another doodling session whilst Ruby was off last week and this really is one of those occasions that doodles do come alive in the screen printing process. I won't ever profess to being an artist and consequently my designs will never be perfect pictures, but what I hope they will be is quirky, eye-catching designs.

I printed the designs on individual pieces of fabric ready to make into various items and also straight onto tea towels, which I think work pretty well. If you think so too they are available right here. I'm hoping to get some sewn up into napkins too. And also table runners. The possibilities are endless...

I've had a few enquiries about my fabrics and whether they are available to buy. What do you reckon? Would it be something you'd be interested in?

Monday 24 October 2011

I am just about done.

I have to say this design has taken longer than any other design to date. Maybe that's a good sign...maybe it will all be in vain.

But tomorrow I am taking this little baby to the screen printing studio and turning it to life.
In my minimal experience things always come out completely different when turned into a screen and actually printed. You'd think you can imagine exactly how it will look, but it always gives me a jolt of surprise.

I'm very excited about it. All I have to do now is decide which colour??

Thursday 20 October 2011

doodling and pattern designing...

One of the disadvantages with Ruby being off is not being able to get down to proper work. I am a little bit stressed to say the least with the work piling up.

One of the pluses, however, is having time to sit and doodle. We have both been doodling lots this week and I have the start of several designs that, come studio time next week, will be tried and tested to see if they translate.

I have a couple of new product ideas up my sleeve that I'm hoping at least one of these designs might tick the boxes with.

Roll on next week...

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Something old...something new...

old fabric combination...

what do you reckon?

stick to linen or freshen it up a little?

Tuesday 18 October 2011

I have just signed up for yet another swap.

It will be the last one this year and if you even vaguely see me hesitating around a sign up for another, you have permission to shoot me.

But this one I couldn't's a handprinted fabric swap for goodness sake!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of 'meeting' Nic, when she kindly left a message on my blog and in turn she introduced me to Leslie who is running this swap and she thought I may be a tad interested.

How right was she??

Whilst I promised myself, after signing up for this swap recently when really I shouldn't have (I know...I have ZERO will-power), I wouldn't sign up to any more this year - I have work to do for goodness sake - I really couldn't resist this one. Consequently I am very excited about it.

Now then , lovely readers, sign-ups are open until this Friday (21st) so if, like me, you have zero will-power and think it would be fun, do pop along here and sign up too. It's really going to be such fun. And if you don't think hand printing fabrics is your thing - too technical, don't have the right equipment - my mosaic here includes some fantastic fabrics printed with nothing more than a potato.
Yes, p-o-t-a-t-o, I tell ya!

Sunday 16 October 2011

Do you like orange?

I printed some of my Framed Flower fabric in a burnt orange colour. I wasn't totally sure how the colour was going to turn out as I had to mix it. The orange I had was far too bright. I was envisaging Halloween and pumpkins here ;-)

Then came to lining...

I don't have too many orange fabrics and certainly not lining fabrics (I tend to use soft Tana Lawn or AMH voile fabrics) but then this Liberty fabric jumped out at me in my stash and I just LOVE it!

I know it's not just orange, but the splash of orange really pops out and I absolutely love it.
Whilst these pouches have gone off to a stockist I'm definitely going to be printing some more fabric in this colour...

...I just hope I know how to mix it again.

Note to self: Write down paint 'recipes'...

Tuesday 11 October 2011

One of the wonderful features of the sewing machine I am currently using is all the pretty stitches it has.

Whilst I could go crazy and incorporate most of these into projects, I am being very refrained (bet that made you laugh - me? refrained?) and just rolling with one at the moment.

I've up-dated a pouch I previously made, with the limited stitches I had on my old machine, with this circle design.
I just love the simplicity of the stitch. It has just enough detail to make it interesting, without being too fussy and over-powering.

I'm sure I won't be able to be refrained for that much longer and you'll get to see some of the other stitches this machine can produce, but in the meantime these are available here and here.

Monday 10 October 2011

It's fair to say Washi tape has the looks, but does it have any substance? You know what we say about all looks...
It's all very well possessing some of this pretty stuff, but what are we going to do with it?
I wanted to share some of my favourite images from around the web of fab things people have made with washi tape just to illustrate quite what a wonder product it is.

From simple but effective greetings cards to prettying up your keyboard, washi tape certainly has an amazing repertoire of uses. It is such a stunning decorative item, in so many available designs that no crafter should be without a few rolls. Not that I have shares in Washi tape (blimey, I wish I did) but I really think you all need some. If you are still not convinced, go check out the zillion other examples on Pinterest of stunning uses that clever people have come up with and THEN tell me you still don't need any.

Question is...what are you going to make first?

Sunday 9 October 2011

I know I may be a little late to the party, but I have yet another addiction - Washi tapes.
I decided last week that I needed something to jolly up my orders. I've had a little change over from my long-time use of turquoise tissue paper to white. Don't ask me why. It was one of those split decisions at the wholesaler checkout.

So now more decisions were needed...what colour tape should i get?
To be fair, anything was going to go with white tissue, but have you seen how many washi tapes there are out there?

The first must have was this cross stitch effect red on white tape. I just love it.
And this red dot, below, was rather irresistible too.

I can't tell you how much I love washi tapes, but those of you that know my addictive personality will have a pretty good idea quite how much.
I was mightily tempted by this pair...maybe a refreshing addition in the spring.

Have you fallen to the charms of Washi tapes yet?

Friday 7 October 2011



Congratulations Julia! Please get in touch with where you want your pouch sending.

Thursday 6 October 2011

This is my last full child-free week until November 7. How crazy is that? With the way the Jewish festivals have fallen this year, Ruby, being at a Jewish school, breaks up on Wednesday for 10 days. She goes back the day the boys break up for 2 weeks...yes, 2 WEEKS!!

Of course I am panicking just a tad about the stock I have committed to get to stockists by end of October, knowing I have just 4 more child-free work days before then.
But I am also panicking a little about other commitments I have made, like this Flickr Pillow Swap. As usual I got off to a flying start, but as usual if the project doesn't get completed in that time, it tends to sit to one side when other things jump the queue. I hate letting people down and as pictures were being posted about completed pillows I glanced to my half-finished one in one corner of the studio. So last night, as I was spurred on by something - guilt, most probably - I finished the pillow. I had so many more plans for this pillow that time wouldn't allow but hopefully my partner will love it and won't think there is anything missing... I've also included a few nice surprises to soften the blow.

You'd think I would learn and not commit myself to any further challenges on my time...but oh no, I've just signed up for this...

p.s. thank you for all your advice on fabrics for the European Pouches...I really appreciate it...and if you haven't done so already, you've got until tomorrow to give me your opinion and enter my giveaway x

Monday 3 October 2011

Giveaway time!!... exchange for a little advice please.

I've been working on a new design today at the screen printing workshop.
I have had a request from one of my stockists for some more male oriented pouches and hopefully this design fits the bill.

However I got a little print happy on a variety of fabrics and now I'm at a loss as to which work best...

...and that my lovely readers is where you come in.

In exchange for a spot of advice as to which fabric you think works best, your comment will be entered into a draw to win a pouch made up in that fabric.
Do you like the striped or checked shirting?
Do you like the Klona plains in red, blue or grey?
Or is your favourite my signature linen?

I really would value your opinion on this, so just leave a comment and I'll enter you in the draw, which will take place at the end of the week. Please make sure you leave a contact email so I can let you know if you have won.

Thanks and good luck ;-)

Sunday 2 October 2011

It was the Reetsweet Fair at the Leeds Corn Exchange today...

You know what they say...Location,Location, Location...

...and this sure is one of the best locations for a fair that I have ever been to.
The Corn Exchange has had a revamp in recent years and it really is a stunning building.

It hosts one of my favourite restaurants in Leeds, occupying the whole of the ground floor and with views up to the entire building, it really is a beauty of a place.

Consequently, it lends itself as a craft fair venue. It's such a beautiful setting for visitors to wander around and what better place is there for exhibitors to show off their wares?

To be honest, I have done better fairs in terms of sales. I have been places with a better footfall. That aside and for all the reasons above it was a good fair.
I met some great people, particularly one lovely lady that announced excitedly "I know you, I read your blog!" She was very excited to see my things in the flesh and couldn't resist one of my new totes here below.

And to be quite honest, that's one of the things I love about what I do and why no fair is ever a dud fair.