Wednesday 30 September 2009

Warning...Seriously cute

I've been spending quite a bit of time on the computer this morning printing out all the instruction sheets for the kits. The trouble with that is that I then spend alot of time surfing. But the good thing about that is then I find fantastic new things for you for the shop, like this.

But seriously, look away now if you have a weak constitution. This is seriously cute. I'm almost expiring glimpsing it from the corner of my eye...

You have been warned...

This delicious piece of fabric will turn into these two outrageously cute softies. What's more when you have made the softies, you are still left with the row of mini cuties to adorn other crafting projects.

Did you catch the koala baby on the back of big K? Did you? And what about the little owl peeping out of the tree on the back of Big O?

For those of you that haven't come across Saffron Craig's whimsical delightful designs before, go check her out. She's one talented lady.

Obviously I'm hoping they'll be in the shop VERY soon...

Sunday 27 September 2009

Sunday Stash #3

It's been one fabric stash after another for me of late. I certainly haven't been holding back on that front.

I was in Ikea yesterday and picked up a couple more. They've a fantastic collection at the moment.

I really couldn't resist the linen and at £3.99/m I know I'll be back for more. It's ready hemmed for a 45cm wide table runner. I bought 2.5m for our kitchen table and have plans to embroider some patterns onto it.

This red one had literally just been put on the shelves - part of their new Christmas range. Isn't it fab?

I'm off now to sew some designs...I'll let you know how it turns out.

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Cloud 9

Well that's what I'm going to be on when this little lot of beauties wends its way over to me.

Kate, from M is for Make, very kindly alerted me to the fact that this gorgeous fabric was now available from her lovely store.

I had a look at all of them, but we all know which I ordered...yep, the whole shabang! Simply can't wait for delivery day.

Psst...I probably also should have told you that these fabrics are not only utterly delicious, but are also printed on 100% certified organic cotton using eco-responsible solvent-free inks and dyes. Perfection in every which way.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Sunshine on a rainy day

I woke up in a good mood this morning, which rapidly went downhill before I even got downstairs. The reason for the good mood was my Tuesday run with my friend Helen. Our run is sacrosanct. Nothing gets in the way of it. Apart from when I'm away in France a la last week. Otherwise NOTHING gets in the way.

So there I was, merrily getting my joggers on when I felt a strange sensation on my calf. Nano seconds later the pain became excruciating and there flew out a wasp! Well, it fell to the floor as I yanked the blighters off! It must have found a nice cosy home on the washing line and was cocooned there for a few days.

I did manage to go for my run (we had 2 weeks catching up to do) but I was pretty pathetic. It hurt ALOT.

At least when I got home there was a saving grace of receiving a little package of pretty fabrics. Even the worst of starts manage to somehow turn out ok when you receive these. Sunshine on a rainy day indeed. Hope your day did too x

Monday 21 September 2009

A full week ahead

Today is the beginning of my first whole week to work in over 10 weeks. I am not kidding! First there were the eternal school holidays. Then there was the week when Noah and Ruby went back and Samuel was still loitering about. Then last week I scarpered off to France for a little jaunt. And finally today has arrived. The day I have been looking forward to for weeks. I was planning to finally finish the trade show orders and get cracking on other long overdue things. All hope for a great start to the week was shattered when my PC picked up a virus over the weekend (one friend misheard and thought I said the children had a virus and would come over when they were better and the coast was clear!) and I have just spent the last 2 hours speaking to online technicians to get it fixed. So my week has already started off on the wrong foot. Still, all is better now and I can confidently surf to my heart's content.

Just before I go I wanted to share a couple of things with you. The first is a new kit that will soon be arriving from our much loved friends over at Prints Charming. This is a stunning handprinted linen fabric with 12 motifs all ready to be turned into beautiful Christmas decorations. Nice, huh?

The second is the reason I have to go... as you can see I can no longer actually get in to my studio. I have been well and truly taken over by my kits. Hence the reason why I was so looking forward to today and this week. I can avoid it no longer...

Thursday 17 September 2009

So last year...

I'm back from my little jaunt to the South of France with some of my oldest school friends. Lots of R 'n' R. Lots of 'Happy Hours' ;-). Lots of laughter and lots of lazying around in the sun reading books. Unfortunately I left my camera behind, but it wasn't wholly disimilar to this.

It is a real respite to escape for a few days and I did completely relax whilst I was there. I wasn't actually sure whether I'd manage it since I'm in the midst of such chaos and manicness at the mo. I'm pleased to report back that a little sunshine goes a long way.

Now I'm back I need to focus big time to pull everything back into order. The kids are back at school, so I can't even use them as an excuse anymore. It's just me and my powers of focussing to make sure I can make life just a little less stressful.

I'll give it my best shot.

Friday 11 September 2009

Singing the Blues

My day started exceptionally well when I woke up to an order from a new customer, courtesy of her spotting one of my Blueberry Park products in October's issue of Country Living Magazine.

It's been one of my ambitions to have a product featured in the Emporium section of Country Living. It's such a great showcase of, normally, handcrafted pieces. And to see my website address in this salubrious magazine is a real thrill.

Hopefully it will be the first of many...

Wednesday 9 September 2009

For the ladies

A couple of my friends are having birthdays this week, so I've enjoyed a brief interlude from compiling kits and have rustled up a couple of purses.

I normally hate cutting into my stashes of favoured fabrics, but when it's for a gift I think it's worth it.

My little pieces of Of Paper & Thread designs , by the uber talented Danielle, are rapidly diminishing. But I love using them as they are so utterly divine that just a touch gives an item a huge lift (as you noticed in my sister's cushions).

The Kei dots are another fave - I know, you must be getting sick of them! Again, a little goes a long way.Another must have is Anna Maria Horner's Social Climber in Ice. At least I can get that easily from my lovely British supplier.

I've had fun making these purses. There has been little creativity going on around here of late, so it was great to have an excuse to play with my fabric. I just hope that the girls concerned will be pleased with their gifts.


I'm sitting here, on a bright and beautiful morning, minding my own business, waiting for a customer to turn up, catching up on a few blogs. And before I know it these have slipped into my basket...

Thanks for the heads up, Rita about wonderful Wonderfluff ;-)

Monday 7 September 2009

One Lady's Rubbish...

Does this look like rubbish to you? Take a closer look...

Look at these little ditsy flowers...

And will you check out this bird in a blossom tree. Is this not a perfect little picture? Albeit of the miniature 8x6cm variety.

And what about these reds? Yep, you've spotted Prints Charming in there.

And I know that this next one is a personal favourite for lots of you...

The point is that, while these tiny scraps of almost nothingness, despite their beauty, don't warrant saving for the majority of people, once the quilt is made, the bag is finished and all they are fit for is the garbage. For me this is pure treasure. After all I don't need much to make any of these.

So whilst those scraps were one lady's rubbish, they are pure gold to me. And whilst we are the subject...I know one lady who will think my garbage is rather sparkling too...

Thanks for your rubbish, Manda ;-)

Whiling away the hours

Today is the first day of Back to School. We were all up early (some more excited then others) but we managed to do everything in good time and what's more, without the usual mania and shouting that seems to accompany the school morning. And even the sun is shining! So a good start.

I've been eagerly anticipating the start of term, so that I can get down to some serious uninterrupted work. Let's face it, I have been on definite go slow during the school holidays, through no fault of my own, but it has left a huge backlog which really needs dealing with.

Today is the day to put all wrongs to right. I could be in my studio for 9 and not leave until 3. 6 whole hours.

Needless to say it is now 10am and I am not up there. Again, no fault of mine. I can't hear the door bell in the attic and I've been expecting 2 calls, both of whom said they'd be here for 9. One has been...I'm still waiting for the other.

I've caught up on all my emails etc (translated as Flickr, Twitter, Facebook...) and I'm still sitting here waiting, so I thought I'd show you a little Prints Charming embroidery I started yesterday evening. It's only in it's beginning stages. But it's such a lovely design to work with, I'm enjoying the calmly sitting down process of it all. And of course I was awake half the night with further developments of it...

Ok, customer number 2 has not turned up. Up I go. Hope you have a great day and hope I can report tomorrow that I am back on track and some Stockists are happy again with me.
(P.S. I should have can obviously buy and create your own little embroidery piece right here!)

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Sunlight on Closed Lids

Maybe it's the use of fabric-like patterns...

...maybe it's the quirky hand-drawn illustrations and greetings...
...maybe it's the evocative name...sunlight on closed lids...
Whatever it is, Kate Holliday, the talented designer behind this delightful range of greetings cards, has hit upon a winner that I know will tick every box when looking for fresh, eye-catching, greetings cards for every occasion.
Click right here to see all the range in stock.