Thursday 17 September 2009

So last year...

I'm back from my little jaunt to the South of France with some of my oldest school friends. Lots of R 'n' R. Lots of 'Happy Hours' ;-). Lots of laughter and lots of lazying around in the sun reading books. Unfortunately I left my camera behind, but it wasn't wholly disimilar to this.

It is a real respite to escape for a few days and I did completely relax whilst I was there. I wasn't actually sure whether I'd manage it since I'm in the midst of such chaos and manicness at the mo. I'm pleased to report back that a little sunshine goes a long way.

Now I'm back I need to focus big time to pull everything back into order. The kids are back at school, so I can't even use them as an excuse anymore. It's just me and my powers of focussing to make sure I can make life just a little less stressful.

I'll give it my best shot.

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