Wednesday 31 October 2012


 I was very glad to hear that I am not the only Starter Non-Finisher amongst the group...
although if I'm not careful I'll be getting myself a reputation for being a finisher too...

Nah, probably not!

 I received a bundle of Lipari Oakshott a couple of weeks now and in all honesty I don't think I have been as bowled over by a bundle of fabrics EVER
If you haven't got on the Oakshott bandwagon yet, you must! The shot cottons have the most incredible jewel like quality. i have to admit when I first saw images of it I wasn't 100% sure. The camera does not do this fabric justice. Not in any way. 
It is very hard to capture the effect that the black shot (I would use the technical warp and whatnot but I'd only get it wrong) running through these subtle colours has on each colour. You will just have to take my word for it...oh and try some out for yourself.

 I decided on a couple of projects with the fabric (you can see the start of the second one here...) and since we were away last week the hand stitching hexie project seemed a good one to start with.
Do you have a plan when you start out with a project? Often I don't (that probably doesn't surprise you). I have a vague in it will incorporate hexies or whatever, but what shape or form this will take is anyone's guess at the start...and pretty much through to the end.
 I made all the hexies up last week and then started to piece them together. Again, I wasn't totally sure how this was going to coloured rows? random? Yes, definitely random! The jewelled colours seems to spring to life the more random the pattern.
I got about half way across the width of the cushion when i decided enough was enough and thought a little more randomness was needed to added a bit more personality to the cushion.
A few individually grouped hexies and a little sashiko embroidery later and the front was complete.
I just need to point out at this point that the back was getting me all inspired...I could feel a screen print design coming on...well I could, until someone pointed out on Twitter that it looked rather phallic...hmmmm, maybe not then.

Reining it back you have my Lipari Oakshott Cushion made from the truly wonderful colourful shot fabrics ethically sourced from master weavers along the Malabar coast of South West India. These really are beautiful cottons to work with.

I'm thinking the Ruby Reds may need trying out next...

Tuesday 30 October 2012

hexie heaven...

 I am a great starter...

I am a crap finisher...

There I've said it!

In an attempt to rectify that I am setting myself little goals to complete WIPs.
I really don't mean to be so rubbish at finishing things but it is just that I get so distracted by new things coming along.
Take the rainbow cushion below for instance.
This was a Christmas project that I started 2 Christmases ago. With the third Christmas imminent, I felt pushed into a corner to finish it.

What amazes me most - and a lesson I wish I remembered - is how quickly projects are to finish once I actually set my mind to them.

Do you think I will remember this lesson in a couple of years when I get around to finishing my Oakshott Lipari Hexie cushion?

Probably not...guess I had better tackle this one whilst it's fresh.

Sunday 28 October 2012

giveaway time!...

Seamstar has a fantastic selection of Better Value Plain Cottons and Courtney is offering a very generous giveaway of them.
Seriously generous and seriously tempting...

Better Value Plains are 100% cotton and available at Seamstar in over 50 colours as well as various 4 and 6 colour palette bundles. They are better value too as they are are 150cm wide.

The generous giveaway that Courtney is offering is your choice of any 3 bundles of 4, some of which you can see above and the rest you can see along with all the colours available here.

And here's how you can win...
1 entry for telling me which bundles you would choose...
another entry for following my blog before or now...
another entry for signing up to Seamstar's Newsletter...
a final entry for tweeting about it.

So 4 chances to win...what are you waiting for??!

Giveaway open until this time next week - end of play Sun 4 Nov 2012.

p.s. apologies but open to UK residents only this time

Friday 19 October 2012

I've only just recovered from catching up from the summer holidays. 
Actually I will rephrase that...
I am still recovering from catching up from the summer holidays.
And now it's Half Term...for 2 weeks...what's that all about?!
Apparently it's about seeing quite how far I can stretch before I snap. 
Let's hope it's sometime after all the preparation and execution of the looming Christmas fairs!

Speaking of looming fairs, I will be at the following and would really love to see you...

Selvedge Winter Fair - Sat Nov 10
We Make London Spitalfields Market - Sun Nov 11
Country Living Fair Harrogate - Thurs 29 Nov - Sun 2 Dec

Wednesday 17 October 2012

not happy...

Some things just don't turn out the way you hope...

I have had a commission for some placemats. They have turned out just fine...or they will do when they are finished.
Along with the placemats the customer asked for a couple of centre table mats in blue/red colourways.

Let's face it I have plenty of these colours in my scraps so it should have been pretty straight forward.

It started out well...I was liking the look of the HSTs...

I also was liking the pieces I had added to frame the HSTs...

and I was pretty much in heaven with the little row of dinky sized HSTs...

But then something happened.
I was suddenly not as keen when I had added these rows in.
For some reason that I can't put my finger on it just wasn't working for me.

I am wondering if it was the "make it up as you go along" approach, or the "I really haven't got time for this but I must get it done" pressure or whether it's the buckling on the 4th final side that is annoying me.

Whatever it is, I am not happy.
Not happy that I spent an evening making it only to not feel comfortable including it in the commission.
Not happy that now I have to do the whole process all over again.
Grrr...what to do?

Tuesday 16 October 2012

moving sale...

Great news from Pink Castle Fabrics...they're moving into a real live bricks and mortar shop where not only will they be selling their amazing range of fabrics, but be in a position to offer classes...
fantastic if you live nearby...

...but the great news for the rest of us that don't live near enough is they are having a moving sale with 25% off everything, oh yeah you heard correctly, 25% off everything!...until the end of October. 
So what will you buy?
Maybe something from Tasha Noel's incredibly cute The Simple Life collection.

I've got my eye on Bucks in Blue, part of the Decoro collection from cool are those stags in glasses??

We are all a bit cookoo about text at the moment, so why not stock up on some from the Mama Said Sew collection. I think I'll be popping a little of Sewing Guide in Cream and Apple into my basket.

Head over there now and just enter the code MOVING at the checkout to get your discount and as the good peeps at Pink Castle Fabrics say, Go Wild!

Friday 12 October 2012

after the screens comes the printing...

 So yesterday was all about preparing the screens with the designs and today was all about the printing and sewing....
and for those that follow me all over the internet will already have had a look at these...
not to mention my happiness with how they've turned out.

 I have been carrying both these adaptations of the originals around in my head for some time and it is always quite scary seeing if what is in your head translates as you imagine. Do you know what I mean?
On this occasion they have surpassed my expectations and I feel quite in awe of how they have turned out. 

I printed the Euros first and was quite blown away with how they looked and had to sew a pouch up immediately just to check that it was as good as I'd hoped!

Then came the Giant Triangles and quite frankly I can't put into words how I feel about this!
I really hope you are as enthusiastic about them as I am. Please tell me you are and it's not just me getting carried away from the paint fumes...
and if you are you can find the start of them listed in my shop...more to be added in due course, but do give me a shout if you don't see the colour you were hoping for...
and thank you for allow me to indulge my enthusiasm for them...not very modest of me really.

Thursday 11 October 2012

my creative space...

I'm off to the studio this morning to get a couple of designs put onto screens.

Both of them are a new take on old designs and I am really excited to see how they are going to come out.

I'm planning on enlarging my triangle design to make it bigger and even bolder for printing larger projects like cushions. We shall see...

I am also spinning my euro sites design around and around to do an all over print for some boysy pouches and wash bags. Again, we shall see...

I am also doing a third secret design...but I can't tell you about that right now...

So what is happening in your creative space at the moment? Pop along and see what others are up to and join in!

Wednesday 10 October 2012

far flung stockists...

 Being a supplier to other people's stores means my work travels around a fair bit.
Sometime's I am lucky enough to get to see some of it in situ and I love that, because every place presents it differently.

 Other times there isn't a hope in hell and have to rely on beautiful images to see what someone has turned my work into.
This is one of those times...

Jiyeon has, what I can only assume to be, a beautiful store in South Korea no less.
Jiyeon kindly sent me these stunning images of napkins she has made from my Scruffy Daisy fabrics.

It really is lovely to see where they get to and what they look like.
Seeing them has cheered me up no end today!

Monday 8 October 2012

ally pally here they come!

After a couple of years of visiting and being in awe of what is available at The Knitting & Stitching Show, Annie from The Village Haberdashery is delighted to announce that this year she will be attending with all her scrumptious goodies.

You can find Annie with all her delights at booth J22. She will be bringing all the latest fabric collections including Cosmos and Out to Sea (both as seen below), as well as her favourite yarns and a wide selection of sewing patterns.

With every purchase you make at the show, you'll receive a voucher for free shipping on your next online order.
You can also enter to win one of three £50 vouchers just by stopping by...can't say fairer than that!

Unfortunately I won't see you there, but if you go I hope you'll have a fab time and pop by and see Annie.

In the meantime go visit online and particularly the sale section where there is an additional 10% off all sale fabrics. Annie has lots of new collections arriving soon and a girl has to make room. Simply enter SALE10 at the checkout until Tues 9 Oct.

bribery winner...

Thank you all so much for your valuable comments I really do appreciate it...but there can only be one winner...

Emma said...
"they look great, and so professional! I love the scruffy daisies and the frozen berry colour line. In terms of the pouches, I like the make-up bag sized ones and the tiny coin purses. I agree with an earlier comment that the ones with pleats don't look quite as neat, but they are still lovely. I think my favourite colour is the pink, but all the berries are lovely. Best of luck with selling them :)..."
Thank you, Emma, there will be some goodies sent over to you, so let me know your address!

Friday 5 October 2012

 Why is it so easy to get distracted?

Or is it just me?

I have got on really well in The List stakes this week and so sub-consciously I must have told myself I could have a bit of a play today.
Not that I had anywhere near ticked everything off, you understand...and had only just ticked off all the Must Do's ...
(I cheated a little...moved some off...shhhh) 
 Anywaaaaaays...I had worked really hard this week and definitely deserved a little play with fabrics. 
I was cutting up my fabric for the Addicted to Text - UK Charm Swap (organised by the lovely Charlotte...more on that another day) really enjoying the therapeutic nature of it, when I had the random thought of making my own charm packs. Never one to let an idea pass without trying it out, I set to cut...

I think they look rather pretty...what do you reckon? 
And as I am not so superficial to know that looks aren't everything, they are pretty darn useful too...

Go check them out and if you want to make me feel less guilty about playing today when I should have been working, humour me and treat yourself to a set (particularly if you have you 10% off...)...then I'll feel like really it was useful work.

All gushy...and a winner...

Can I first get a little bit gushy and thank you all firstly for taking your time to go into such detail into your favourite pouches. I now have a spreadsheet on the go to see if there is any pattern to all your suggestions. I'll let you know when I have worked out what it all means!

Secondly I was really overwhelmed by your kind and complimentary comments about my work. Honestly, your words make me feel all tearful. It is very easy working on your own most of the time to have a lack of confidence - it is for me anyway - and especially when I am self taught and trying to play amongst the big boys. So thank you, seriously thank you x.

Aside from the gushing we have a winner for the M is for Make generous Field Study giveaway and the winner is...

Mrs L said...
"mmm..difficult to choose but co-ordinates in plum is grabbing me."

So, Mrs L, congratulations, and off you go to choose your favourite 6!

Thank you all for entering and if you still haven't given me your opinion - and a little gushing - on my pouches, please do so here...

Have a great weekend x

Wednesday 3 October 2012

bribery time...

I would really appreciate your opinion...
I'll make it worth your while...
well you read the heading...Bribery Time.

As you know I have been working on my screen printing range for this Autumn/Winter and have developed the 2 colour-ways - Utility above and Frozen Berries below and within that Triangle Mania and Scruffy Daisy.

I have 3 big fairs coming up and so need a lot of stock and obviously I want the right stock for my customers as all the fairs will be a "see it and buy it now" kinda affair, rather than the ordering kinda scenario.

So the question is, what would you choose? If you could pick any 3 items that you are drawn to, either for yourself or thinking ahead as Christmas gifts what digs it for you? Is there a particular pattern? A certain colour? A favourite pouch? I really would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this, my little in house market research buddies.

 So what's in it for you, I hear you ask? Obviously I know you aren't that kind of person and you are happy to just help out I hear you cry, but everyone is entitled to a little reward and I insist.

So, two things. 

The first is if you leave me a comment with your thoughts I'll email you a code for 10% off your next order (so be sure to link to an email address).
Secondly I'll enter you into a draw to win a little selection of your suggestions. Ah, sneaky huh? Now you have to think about what you like, not just be random, because one of you is going to be lumbered with the said pieces.

Seriously though, I really appreciate the time you take in helping me with this.

Thank you! x

Giveaway open until Sunday evening (oh and talking of which, there's still time to enter my fab giveaway from M is for Make...go check it out if you haven't already entered.)

Tuesday 2 October 2012

a bundle or 2...

How do you do your fabric shopping?

Are you an efficient shopper and know exactly what you want and go straight for it?

Do you trawl aimlessly through various sections? designer, by colour, by manufacturer, by design?

Or do you hope your clever online fabric stores cleverly puts bundles together for you to purchase easily and without fuss?

Alice of Backstitch has some wonderful bundles in store and her latest 'cocktail bundles' put a new slant on Happy Hour.
These are just 4 of my favourite bundles that Alice has put together, combining fabrics in a way I would never see. You don't have to be in love with every fabric individually in a bundle, which is always my problem when choosing fabrics, but know that the combination works a treat.

Go check out these cocktails and all the other tasty treats in store and treat yourself to an easier way of shopping.
Oh and don't forget to come back and let me know what you have chosen...I'd love to know ;-)