Saturday 31 March 2012

 It's always a good Saturday when you can get a bit of sewing time in as well as hanging out with the family.

I'd had this cushion commission for a new baby that I was supposed to have had done all week but it didn't quite happen.
I bribed Ruby with choosing some of my fabric and having a play on my machine while I was working on it so I didn't feel quite as guilty working on the weekend.

I've done a fair few of these cushions but this one is a little different. 
It's made entirely from my own fabrics.
I feel I've come a long way in a relatively short time being able to use just my own designs in my work.

I'm going to have to rethink things a little for the boys' version however as looking at this made me realise that most of my designs are definitely geared towards being more suitable for girls.
The Kite Strings would work well, but a couple more neutral designs are needed I think. Perhaps miniaturising my Euro Wonders and using that would be good.

Another new little detail is putting my screen printed name as a label on the back. 
At the moment I have just printed these as a selvedge strip on my fabric pieces but I'm definitely going to print up a whole load of them.

So a fun Saturday was had by all...well by Ruby and me anyway ;-)

Friday 30 March 2012

I had been starting to think about the quilt I want to make for the Siblings Together project and then a lovely fabric fairy came along and offered me a very generous proposition.

Kate really wanted to be involved but knew that she personally wouldn't be able to manage to make a quilt at this time and asked if she could donate me a bundle to make mine from...well, duh!

I felt like a kid in a sweetie shop...given full reign to choose whatever I fancied. After being completely overwhelmed by choice (aka that kid in that sweetie shop) I narrowed it down to 2 selections and finally decided on this one.
What do you think?

I'm still not a hundred percentage sure on the design of the quilt that I will do, but when I have these beauties in front of me I will probably have more of an idea.

A couple of these fabrics aren't here in the UK yet (ooh I can not wait for Summersville and FMF) so that gives me time to ponder and dwell, by which time I'll be itching to get going and sew all these lovelies together.

It seems like there is a lot of activity and enthusiasm going on with quilts for Siblings Together and I know Kate and myself are thrilled to be able to do our bit.

Go check out the group to see what's going on...

Thursday 29 March 2012

Red, white and blue!

I got distracted by the sun again today.
With the weather about to dip in the UK from tomorrow I made the most of catching some rays with a little outdoor printing.

As a consequence I'm a little ahead of the game (for once) and printed up some special fabric packs...

Enter the Jubilee packs!
I've put together a navy and a red piece in the same design, perfect for all those Jubilee crafting projects.

At the moment they are available in Kite Strings or Framed Flower but if you'd like a set in one of my other designs, just give me a shout!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

If you read Lynne's blog then you will know all about Siblings Together, an inititative dedicated towards promoting positive contact between siblings separated by care. 
One such initiative that Siblings Together organise is a camp where the siblings get precious time to play and just be together.

After meeting one of the volunteers of the camps, Lynne came up with the brilliant idea of us as a community providing quilts for these kids - something special, something handmade just for them as a reminder away from camp of a special time they have shared with their siblings.

These are a couple of quilts I was thinking would work for the kids, but actually I'm thinking of starting from scratch so every stitch will have them in mind.

What do you reckon? Would you like to be involved? Have you time to make a quilt? or maybe you'd like to get involved in some other way by donating fabric that someone with a bit more time could make, or perhaps a few blocks that could be made up into a quilt with some from others.
Go check out Lynne's blog for further information and also the Flickr Group that Lynne has set up. 

It feels just great to give something back.

Monday 26 March 2012

I just love printing at home!

Sorry have I said that before?
I had a few Euro wash bags on order that needed printing up, so while I was at it and whilst my printing space is virtually outdoors, it seemed a good idea to have a play around and print a few more things.

Do you like my new World Class Shopper?!
I printed the Euro Sites onto the totes first, let them have a bask in the sunshine and minutes later they were dry and ready for my paper cut stencil "world class shopping" to be printed on.

This is officially my first 2 colour print!
Cheating a little I know as there is no alignment involved, but hey, there are 2 colours, there's no smudging and it's complete!

Screen printing in the sunshine is even more of a blast - super quick drying times so time to quickly print up Framed Flowers onto totes too.
They are dried, heat set and up in the shop now...

I think I'll be playing in the sun a bit more tomorrow too...and all week by the looks of the weather forecast here in ol' Blighty!

Sunday 25 March 2012

I've been picking out some fabrics this week for a quilt I want to make for our bed.
I'd set my heart on doing an HST but I'm not entirely sure it's going to turn out quite like I had in mind, but I'll carry on regardless at the mo and it will always do for an extra downstairs as 3 children fighting over 2 doesn't quite work.

We have a very bold grey and mustard paper on the back wall in our room so I couldn't exactly start introducing another colour.

Thank goodness I'm not short of yellow and grey fabrics hey?!
I've pulled a load of fabrics out and started a few trial HSTs.
The addition of a plain is needed I think, hence the Gooseberry Essex Linen and as for Lotta's Florian in dark grey, I'm thinking this is looking a tad bold but may be a contestant for the binding.

As I said, I'm not entirely sure about it but will go with it for now.
Perhaps the quilt needs smaller triangles, tiny in fact, but I'm not sure I'd quite manage a project piecing teeny triangles together right now.
At least this one will sew up rather speedily and hopefully I'll feel differently once it's all pieced.

Oh and by the way, these photos have been edited on PicMonkey a great alternative to our much loved soon to be gone Picnik. If you are still looking for an alternative to Picnik, this is perfect. Actually I'm pretty sure it's the exact same template. The only downside to PicMonkey is I haven't found a way to upload a group of photos rather than editing one at a time. But maybe that will come.

Wednesday 21 March 2012

I'm rather excited and honoured to be featured on UK Handmade today in their MEET: feature...

For those that may not know ukhandmade, it is a design led online magazine committed to showcasing and promoting the best creative talent the UK has to offer...

I have to add that those are their words and not mine and so to be featured makes me very proud.

If you haven't learnt all there is to know about me while reading my blog then head over to the article and let me know if there is anything new you have learnt!

It's right here...

Tuesday 20 March 2012

I am utterly in love with the light at this time of year.
Opening the front door and seeing the hazy spring sunshine after long dark winter days makes me very happy.

I think it is this spring haze that was responsible for my latest printing.
Some of that pale pinky glow must have worked its way into my sub-conscience and when ordering new paints this week, pale pink appeared on the order form.

Who'd have thought?

So here we have Framed Flower and Triangle Mania in Pale Pink.
They say everything I've been feeling this week seeing this sunshine.

If you're feeling all hazy and pinky glowy go right here to grab yourself some...

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Am I a bit early?

Looking at these photos, the colours make me think of the upcoming Queen's Jubilee, or even London hosting the 2012 Olympics.

But it is still only March so maybe I'm a tad too soon.

It is very refreshing to be playing about with different (for me) colour schemes.
I'd like to say I planned this, but like most of what I do, it was a happy accident, but it has got me thinking ahead to my next range.

And if you are a stockist and you would like to start thinking of getting stocked up for GB's summer celebrations, give me a shout.

Or if you just fancy a little red, white and blue in your life then head here for my first pieces...

Monday 12 March 2012

Maybe it's because I am sad - I like to think of it as being easily pleased - but these images make me very, very happy.

I mean, we have sunshine...

we have screen printed fabric blowing in the breeze...

...all done from the comfort of my own home... I said, sad, but very happy.

Sunday 11 March 2012

News and updates...

First up progress on the cardi...
After 3 attempts to get the pattern right, I can finally say I am getting the hang of this pattern. I had to pull out and cast on again 3 times last night and was all ready to give up if this final time didn't work. It's not that it's that complicated. It's just that you really have to concentrate counting all the yarn forwards, slip one knit 2 togethers etc etc, coupled with the fact that it is exceedingly fine wool and with my ageing eyes, well, let's just say it's tricky.

Anyway I am pleased to say I am now on the right track. Quite whether it will be ready for June 2 is another thing, but I am pretty sure you will see me racing out on June 1 to purchase a cardi...

Next up, these fab fabrics arrived yesterday! Perfect selection for me or what?!
I can't wait to get started on making something for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Competition. I have a few ideas bubbling away, but nothing decided on quite yet. Are you joining in? Go here for more details.

On Wednesday I had delivery of 4 new screens and on Friday I went to the workshop to get some images exposed onto them...very excited!
I also had a light bulb moment of putting a little selvedge detail on, which I'm rather pleased about, although looking at it now I realise I should also have put the name of the design alongside time.

I bought 4 screens which I thought would be ample for the time being. Although I already need to order at least 3 more as I had to omit Scruffy Daisy...and guess what someone ordered this week?
So 3 were used for my regular designs and the 4th I put a couple of smaller images on and a new design that had been sitting in my sketch book for months.
Please welcome Kite Strings...
Hopefully I'll get to print Kite Strings out this week and can see how it looks in reality.

Thank you for sticking with me through all my news and updates and for the final piece of news and updates...drum roll please...I am very proud to present my Large Hexies Quilt Pattern!
I am sorry if it's taken longer than some of you were hoping, but it's finally done and in the shop!

I think I have emailed everyone that left an address, but for those that didn't, click on the link here.
So that's it for news and updates, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine and hope you are too, wherever you are.

Happy Sunny Sunday!

Friday 9 March 2012

I think I have set myself a bit of a challenge.
This pattern and wool caught my eye when I was out buying card today... I know, I am so easily distracted.

Although to be fair, it wasn't actually that random. I was out getting more card for Noah's Bar Mitzvah invitations, so my mind was thinking "Bar Mitzvah..." and whilst in the BM zone, when I saw this pattern, it immediately jumped out at me to be the perfect solution to the cardi conundrum I had been having to wear with the dress I had bought for synagogue.

See, not quite so random...
apart from the fact that I'd already decided I was after a yellow cardi. Yes, I know, this wool isn't yellow. But it is oh so super soft extra fine marino wool that didn't come in yellow.

So not only do I now have wool for a cardi to knit up in less than 3 months time (that really can't be the case) but I have wool for a cardi that isn't yellow.

I guess I won't be accessorising in yellow after all...

Monday 5 March 2012

Lots of fabrics excite me and new fabric lines are being released all the time but only every now and then is there a line that is so wow that I can not wait for it to come out.

Lotta Jansdotter's Echo range fell into that category, as does Lu Summers' debut range that I am so excited about seeing.

Another ahead of the game line that I have been really eager to get my hands on is this debut range by Parson Gray, or David Butler (esteemed husband of Amy) may seem more familiar.

As soon as it was out in the UK last week I had some ordered and received and it does not disappoint in the slightest.

Not only are the colours so crisp and fresh but the designs are just what I like to see in a fabric. The simple geometric patterns give enough interest without being busily overpowering.
I was pretty good and just picked 4 fat quarters just to get a feel for the range, but I think I'll be purchasing the rest of the range very soon.

Fancy a set for yourself? Go check it out here...

Friday 2 March 2012

The printing at home continues with Triangle Mania in Wedgwood...

The fact that I can be doing something else in between screens drying and thus trialling new colours and prints is giving me more pleasure than you can imagine.
Actually, take that back, you probably can imagine.

Still, doing just that yesterday, made me so very happy.
There was even some sunshine to get the fabrics wafting gently in the breeze.

One such thing I managed to do in between the prints was to upload a few peg bags onto my Etsy Sample Shop...perfect now that it's almost hanging out weather.

And here's the other thing that's going on this's my birthday week and obviously every birthday deserves a celebration.
I'm not sure what celebrations my family have in store for me (I'm not building up my hopes...) but I have one in store for you...

...a week long special on my fabrics...3 for 2 on any of the fabrics available in store!
And since I am so much more flexible about what I print and when I print them I can pretty much print a colour for you even if it isn't in the shop, so come celebrate my birthday with me and make use of my 3 for 2 birthday's right here.