Friday 2 March 2012

The printing at home continues with Triangle Mania in Wedgwood...

The fact that I can be doing something else in between screens drying and thus trialling new colours and prints is giving me more pleasure than you can imagine.
Actually, take that back, you probably can imagine.

Still, doing just that yesterday, made me so very happy.
There was even some sunshine to get the fabrics wafting gently in the breeze.

One such thing I managed to do in between the prints was to upload a few peg bags onto my Etsy Sample Shop...perfect now that it's almost hanging out weather.

And here's the other thing that's going on this's my birthday week and obviously every birthday deserves a celebration.
I'm not sure what celebrations my family have in store for me (I'm not building up my hopes...) but I have one in store for you...

...a week long special on my fabrics...3 for 2 on any of the fabrics available in store!
And since I am so much more flexible about what I print and when I print them I can pretty much print a colour for you even if it isn't in the shop, so come celebrate my birthday with me and make use of my 3 for 2 birthday's right here.


Charlotte said...

oooh birthdays!! I hope you get thoroughly spoilt :-D

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

Hey have a good birthday!

Cherie said...

Love the fabrics!!
Woo Party time!!

Kylie said...

That's right... we're almost twins aren't we? How could I have forgotten that! Hope you have a fabulous week Karen :) I've aimed high this year and asked for Illustrator software so I can create digital fabric designs... yes, I am holding my breath! :) If you score some book vouchers I thoroughly recommend "Designing and Printing Fabric" by Laurie Wisbrun.
Your fabrics look gorgeous and I love your wedgwood colour... did you mix it yourself? Just gorgeous :)
Have a wonderful birthday! :)) Kx