Saturday 16 May 2009

Deer, deer

I've been wanting to make some cushions for our bedroom for ages. We are waiting to redecorate, but until we can manage it, I want to detract from the decor we inherited (yes, Manda, we didn't do this ourselves!)

I've been gathering a pile of fantastic fabrics recently and I wanted to use some of these. Not being able to decide between several of them I thought I'd see which ones went together. I am absolutely in love with the Social Climber fabric I bought from Saints and Pinners and also have been a bit obsessed with the Oh Deer sample I had been sent through from Shannon of Aunty Cookie. Fortunately, with a bit of coordinating blue stiching around the deers, I think these 2 compliment each other well.

Another favourite on the pile was pulled in as well. My delicious Icy Blue Honeycomb from Kei fabrics just finishes it all of nicely. (Or so I think!)

I decided to run the Social Climber round the back too. Maybe this was a bit extravagant, but for me it keeps it all alive, rather than just a plain linen. I used my gorgeous new linen to make the binding for the envelope opening.

I'm really pleased with the outcome of the cushion and can't wait to do something matching with the very tired large cushions it leans up against.


Lorna said...

Well done - a satisfactory and v creative day's work, I say!

Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

This is one of the absolute nicest cushions I've ever seen. Are you going to sell them? I'm also totally obsessed with social climber! And I really like the idea of sewing round the shapes. Expect poorly executed attempts on Aquamarine soon! xx

Unknown said...

that's beautiful!

One Flew Over said...

Oh Karen, these are so preety! I love the blue theme.

Kristy said...

How do you sleep with those stencilled walls though?!

Unknown said...

Your cushion is gorgeous - I love it!