Wednesday 13 May 2009

A star is born

I don't seem to have alot of time at the moment for playing in my studio creating new things. I've been full on compiling lots of kits to send to my lovely new stockists. At times it doesn't bother me when I don't have creative time. I'm just too busy to notice. My head is too full of everything that needs doing for it to even register. The regular orders for my pictures and cards give me some creative and playing time.

And then something external drives me to make up a new kit or produce a new item. This happened this week. Someone mentioned Father's Day and did I have any kits their child could make a present for daddy with. They felt the hearts were a bit more girlie and perhaps the daddy in question wasn't likely to dangle a heart from anywhere.

Hence the new Star kits are born. I'm really pleased with them and think they will bridge that gap for something for the boys. I find it difficult to find kits suitable for the boys to do, as well as presents to give to boys - such awkward buggers! The Mum in question has already bought a couple, so I guess I've delivered on what the customer brief was. And, of course, they are available here now :-)

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One Flew Over said...

What a fantastic idea! I will keep it in mind for when it is Fathers Day in OZ. Love the blue and red!