Tuesday 28 September 2010

I'm popping into Harewood House tomorrow to see how my collection with them has gone down. It must have gone down pretty well as I've been asked to bring some other pieces in for them to see.

I haven't actually seen it all in situ yet, so I'm very excited. Quite a few people have let me know they've seen it. One of the lovely things about having a stockist on the doorstep is friends and family stumbling across my work in a real live shop. I don't about you, but I'm always hesitant telling people about my things, but when they catch sight of it themselves, it gives a certain satisfaction.

One thing I've been asked to bring along is some cot quilts. Typically I haven't any in at the mo, so it's Operation Sewing. Not that I need to be asked twice. I love making quilts. All that expanse of fabric and the softness you can create when it's all quilted together, makes me wish I could just quilt all day every day.

And then of course there's my little penchant to adding some hand embroidery onto the requisite linen I have to use. All in all, so not a chore. So not what I call work.

I'm awaiting some of this lovely fabric that I want to design the range around. It comes in 2 fab colourways ~ pinks and tealy blue. I've been dying to get my hands on some of this gorgeous flannel and to make winter quilts with it seems the perfect excuse. Unfortunately I won't be able to make the quilts up in time with this, but am hopeful that it will at least arrive in time and I'll be able to take a little mood board with me to entice Beck with it's loveliness.

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