Wednesday 29 September 2010

I had a little splash out on fabric this week. Ok, not so little. But not so flighty either. Ever since Cloud 9's gorgeous flannels came out, I've been lusting after them. And this week with needing to design some new cot quilts, I knew this range was going to be the basis of it.
So a quick stop off at one of my favourite UK online fabric stores and 24 hours later here it is.

And boy was it worth waiting for. It's gorgeous! The designs are what you would expect from the talent behind the label that is Michelle. This children's range is quirky, yet cute, yet humerous. A range that appeals as much to adults as it does to children.
As for the soft flannel finish...scrumptious. I'm not normally one for painstaking operations and when the pre-washing instructions came with the fabric, I took one look at them and thought grrr, this is too high maintenance for me.
But, I slowed down and decided that this little pile was worth looking after and nurturing. And I'm so glad I did. Into the wash and off to the drier it went and I'm so glad it did.
This softened up the flannel no end and if it wasn't perfect enough before, it certainly was more than perfect after this process. This has taught me an important lesson, a little bit like I have learnt from quilting. Every step is important. Every step is part of the process and should be enjoyed as just that.

I cannot wait to cut into this pile. But again, I'm going to take my time. No rushing, but plenty of thinking and planning and enjoying every step and snip.


The Sewing Directory said...

I really like the look of those fabrics, I think they look perfect for a quilt so I look forward to seeing what you make.

Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

Oh goodie! You must share your project with us!! :)