Friday 17 September 2010

I was really excited yesterday, on walking into Tescos to be faced with my bowls on the front cover of Country Living Magazine.

To be truthful, they aren't my bowls exactly, but belong to the talented Alison Campbell. I sourced these beautiful pieces from her at BCTF one year. I fell in love with them instantly and desperately wanted them for Blueberry Park.

They had Blueberry Park written all over them..."handmade with love in Britain oozing charm and individuality".
It makes my heart skip a beat when I come across something like this. And I get quite proud when the things I find are the things that other people enjoy too. So I do take a bit of personal pleasure in seeing something I have sourced in the pages of a magazine that I love.
And when they are on the front cover too...well, there's no stopping my excitement!
And what a beautiful feature to be part of. I think this feature would be my favourite in the whole magazine even if the bowls weren't in it.
I have a bit of a thing for seedheads. You've seen my know what I'm talking about! It all looks so calm and inspirational. I love everything included in the feature.


Kate at M is for make said...

congrats - I absolutely love this feature, it's perfectly put together, I wish it was my home!

Unknown said...

fantastic! you've got the eye, you see :)
Rachel x

Kristy said...

I'm hoarding a few metres of that Sanderson Dandelion print for just the right project ;)
Lovely bowls they look so delicately simple.

Unknown said...

Wonderful! I would be so chuffed too. Kx

La tienda de los Colores said...

Lovely pictures!!

Jan said...

I love that magazine and even though I live in Australia I dream that I live in Britain. :)
Great feature too by the way.

Nat at Made in Home said...

I actually have this issue in my bag to review on the train back home. great work!

Stephanie said...

I haven't seen this issue yet... It takes some time for Country Living to reach Luxembourg ;-)
And I love Country Living for a similar reason as your's (handmade with love in Britain...) and this also why I love your work. We do not take care enough of what we are buying, how much love was put into so we could love it that much too...