Monday 6 September 2010

Everyone is back to work and school today after the long summer break. Whilst i am delighted to be able to get on with everything uninterrupted, it does feel a little bit quiet. It's only 10:40 and already i have half of today's To Do list done...and had a coffee, so in terms of productivity, it's fantastic.

But, as i said, it is rather quiet.

But somebody somewhere has obviously decided to send me some extra love today to stop me feeling lonely. I've already spotted these little signs.

Firstly, there was Ruby's breakfast mug left out on the drainer... (actually, it's my breakfast mug, that she bought me for my birthday one time, but she seems to think that buying it makes it hers).

Secondly, i've just come in from hanging the washing out (To Do List Number 3) and stumbled over this little offering from Ruby. She was trying out her new paints yesterday.

Lastly, this gorgeous heart shaped pebble that we found on the beach, usually sits unnoticed, but today it's jumped out at me, sending me a little love message.

This should all keep me going until 3:30


One Flew Over said...

Love, love that pebble - what a find! Hop eyou have a great day x

Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

FEELING THAT!!!! he he x

Kristy said...

I keep noticing hearts at the minute too. It's funny how that happens sometimes. Much needed too.

Unknown said...

Great Mug, all I seem to end up with, is a pile of uninteresting stones that my Nephew picks up off the beach when he comes down, maybe I should save them till he is 18 and hand them all back! Kxx

Muddy Puddle Crafts said...

oh we moan when they're under our feet but miss them when they go, my littlest started school today & I have just pottered & clock watched, lovely pics x

Anonymous said...

My littlest man doesn't start school until Thursday but my eldest went back today.

I have made so many plans so that I can fit my crafting (or home business as I promote it to my husband) into the daily routine.

Lovely pictures - I can empathise with you. My children often reclaim my presents!


silverpebble said...

Oh, I hope the hearts helped in the silence. That pebble is perfect!

La tienda de los Colores said...

lovely pictures!!

Unknown said...

aw! you made my little heart miss a beat! how lovely xx