Friday 3 September 2010

As is normally the way when I am struggling with time and under pressure, I get side tracked with sewing something completely irrelevent and not what needs to actually be done.
Maybe it's something to do with needing the stress release of sitting playing with fabric and having a little sewing time. Maybe it's a good thing that I do that.

I have been (and still am) unbelievably stressed this week with getting the prep done for the London Gift Fair. I've been getting myself in a real flap trying to make my stand as I want it and finding the time to do so. So why I then go off on a tangent and sew up some new lavender bags is beyond me.

I was kidding myself that I needed them for the show. As if I have time to start designing and making new items at this late stage. And now all that is left is a pile of half made sewn together pieces that are hanging around waiting for something to be done. It's not like I need any more of that about...believe me I have plenty of half finished projects lying around.
Still, looking at the one completed one gives me, for some strange reason, a little bit of peace and calm in this crazy crazy week. I might just take it with me as a lucky charm.


small forest said...

I loved this post. Im about to go down the road of markets and fairs myself and its funny to hear that you operate in the same way. I mean... thats precisely the sort of irrelevent thing that ill do. I just know it.
Beautiful offerings!

Handmade in Israel said...

It's a cute lavendar bag all the same ;)

Unknown said...

Very Very cute lavenderbags. Kx

La tienda de los Colores said...

nice... I love it!!