Thursday 30 September 2010

Here's the finished cot quilt that I was doing this week to take to one of my stockists. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and is the beginning of a new range for them.
I backed it in Ikea's House fabric (I'm sure it's not called that. In fact I'm positive it isn' doesn't sound very Swedish does it?) which I love. I love the childlike bold illustration. All in all I am pleased how it turned out.
But it got me thinking...What's your view on binding?
My quilting journey is very much a learn as I go along adventure, seeing what works for me and what I like. I'm pretty much in a place where the quilt top is a style that suits me...little fuss and letting beautiful fabrics do the talking.
But when it comes to binding I'm a little bit stumped. My initial reaction to it is that it is an added detail that is more fuss than I am generally drawn to.
But like everything, my thoughts are changing as my journey continues. I still like the simplicity of a quilt without binding. Take this gorgeous quilt by Manda. Again the beauty is in the fabrics and to me it is complete without binding. In fact a binding would detract from the beauty of it. Make it too perfect. Is it the simplicity of a design that doesn't need a frame to hold it all together?

But that's not the case here in Ashley's stunning quilt. Still, the use of a simple style and stunning fabrics, but all framed with a coordinating binding that pulls it all together. Would it work as well without a binding? Is it the large size that forces it to need holding together?

Is it a busier design that requires a binding? Would it float around aimlessly without the binding to hold it all together. I can't imagine Kate's beautifully worked piece without the binding.

So is it the size? Design? Complexity? Or am I just too much of a shirking, corner cutting quilting novice to think that no binding is ever right?

What's your view on binding?


One Flew Over said...

A beautiful quilt Karen...with our without binding!

Personally, I like to finish my quilts off with binding but this is more of a construction thing than an asthetic thing.

There is no way I would be able to baste a quilt or machine quilt it without binding.

I have made one quilt without binding but I handquilted the end though I like a bound quilt.

Mary said...

Love your quilt! I have never really considered a quilt without binding, but I actually like the binding process. I enjoy hand stitching the binding - but I can certainly understand the draw of raw edges. I love the feel of batting so having a little at the raw edge could be very sweet!

Kylie said...

It is a totally divine quilt Karen - love it :)
Re the binding question, I think you could easily incorporate binding into your next one because it's just about finding the right combinations of pattern, density, colour etc. You constructed the right balance without binding on yours, but you could just as easily put together a combination next time where the binding provides the link between your other fabrics.
Have fun :) Kx

Trish @ said...

Hi, a first comment... I've never not put a binding on a quilt but I've made the mistake of trying to speed up the step and machine sew the backing over into a binding too many times, when it goes slightly wonky and detracts from everything else. A non-binding sounds like a good option for simple weekend quilts (normally baby gifts) to me.

Stephanie said...

Hi Karen,
A beautiful work as always! I love it.

dawn machell said...

I'm not a quilter (and generally don't much care for them)
But I LOVE yours....and do you know why I think it is? No binding! The binding makes them look old fashioned and frumpy and a bit like your granny made it.
Having no binding makes it look modern and contemporary and far more professional - like you bought it in some trendy exclusive little shop.
Don't bother I say!!
:-) xx

Jo @ life in lists said...

I love binding my quilts, as the kinds of designs I do always seem to need a frame to finish them properly. However, the examples of your non-bound quilts all look beautiful, so I wouldn't panic about them not looking 'finished'!

moira said...

I may be a bit odd but I actually love the process of binding. I love squaring off the edges nd adding the binding. I even enjoy handsewing it on.

Rachel said...

I have made quilts both with and without a binding. I think it is entirely down to personal choice and I certainly don't believe that one way is better than the other. Personally, I would be more likely to bind a larger quilt - I find that with a small quilt which is turned it is easier to quilt without all the layers shifting. I really like your cot quilts without a binding - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Entre Nous said...

I love binding and put it on all my quilts, seems unfiniahed without. I do hand sew them