Sunday 12 June 2011

It's downright horrible here today and trust me, I have unfortunately experienced it at first hand. Today was the day we picked to take Sam and 7 friends to Alton Towers as a post exam/late birthday party treat.
I actually hate Theme Parks at the best of times. I'm not good with crowds, queues or heights and if you throw cold rain into the equation, you can imagine quite how my mood was today.
And by this time tomorrow I'll be tearing my hair out as they are all staying for a sleepover!

So this seemed a perfect day to distract myself and look at some loveliness.
This week I have bought the following fabric stashes, most of them to use with my screen printing and also I have several quilt orders and my thoughts are heading to designs with lots of plains - something new for me.

This first rather big pile comes from the range of Klona plains that Alice from Backstitch is stocking. The range of colours is incredible and at £5.50/metre, it's fantastic value too. A lot of these are going to be used for screen printing, so I'm rather excited about experimenting with them.

Remember the samples of these I received? Whilst I was on an ordering binge, I added these to the list. They are beautiful. The colours are obviously perfect and they are a lovely linen/cotton blend. Head here if you fancy trying some out for yourself.

I always need spots. I haven't bought these Oliver & S City Weekend dots before, but they will be perfect for Gerry and Steve. I wasn't totally sure when I ordered them that the spottage wasn't a tad small, but I gambled on them being nice and they are. They are perfect. Whilst I was at The Eternal Maker I bought the top one, Basic Grey Graph Dots. You know every now and then you are drawn to a simple fabric and when it comes it exceeds all expectations? That's the case with this one. Having satisfactorily made these for a friend, this Basic Grey is lined up to be made into a pair for our bed. Then I definitely need to order more for one of the quilts on order too. I've a feeling this is going to fast become a firm favourite.

After all this, I've almost forgotten about the bad part of the day.
Hopefully by tomorrow all sleepover madness will be forgotten too.


Anonymous said...

Don't envy your day!!
Lots of lovely fabrics - look forward to seeing what you do with the screen printing :)

It looks like your mustard linen is the same as the one I got.

Anonymous said...

I live about 500m from the Eternal Maker, it's such a great shop. Wish their website was a little better so I could recommend them more freely! Lovely staff too.

Kylie said...

Love this eye candy Karen! I always find that sleepovers are worst before the event... it's the anticipation of invasion into your home (or something) I think, but then it never seems as bad after the fact. Hope it all goes well :) Kx

Kylie said...

Forgot to say...
... this is in direct contrast to theme parks which you talk yourself into thinking it might be alright and then suffer every minute you have to be there!!!! ;) Well, that's how it is for me anyway! :)) Kx

Wendy said...

I feel your pain! I hate Alton Towers!

Thanks for the shop links too, I'm always trying to find good, cheap fabric suppliers that have a big enough range. I do like the Eternal Maker but Jo is right, their websit is crap, I hate having to trawl through absolutely EVERYTHING each time!

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

soothing, soothing, soothing; colurs and fabrics, you just can't go wrong. I drew the line at my daughters 16th birthday which I insisted was held on the beach - I can't tell you the relief at knowing that was the very last party I was going to organise/make cakes for/clear-up.