Saturday 4 June 2011

As usual I get the most creative when I am meant to be doing something else.
Are you like that?
I have so much to do at the moment, fulfilling orders, being busy personally, but somehow I have an idea burning from within that has to be actioned immediately.
It isn't even a discussion that goes on in my head. Do I have time? Should I be doing this?
It appears subconsciously from nowhere and before I know it I'm at my machine making something new.

As I say, I have no idea where the seed of idea came from, but this afternoon before I knew it I was playing about with stitches on the machine and making pouches and needle/pin sets.
I am quite limited with stitches on this machine, but am quite smitten with this cross stitch lookilikey.
And I love how it works with the linen.

Obviously now, having less than an hour ago no idea that I would be designing these, I am obsessed with making more things with stitched designs and can't actually think of anything else.


letrecivette said...

Nice..very nice!

Unknown said...


Kylie said...

Oh I love it too, Karen! I too get distracted easily when an idea appears, and it always appears when I'm at my busiest ;) I guess that's just the way of it. Love what you've been making :) Kx

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I'm also absolutely like that: my best ideas always appear when I'm in an exems periods at university...But I've just finished my studies for ever now, and finally have some time to see what I can make with all these ideas that I noted! :-)

Justine said...

These look great! Lovve the needle cases