Thursday 23 June 2011

The girlie quilt is finished...

I seriously can't understand how Noah thinks this is girlie.
If you asked a girl what colours she wanted her quilt to be made in, I'm pretty sure grey, black and red would hardly be mentioned.
And there isn't a flower or heart in sight.

I lined up various fabrics for the binding - (btw that's the first time I have bound a quilt, so I have been doing a little celebratory dance having accomplished that) - and decided to use the black Kei dots to just be sure it was as far from girlie as possible.
Still too girlie.

My friend Tara put the nail on the head. Maybe quilts in general are more girlie, being snuggly and cosy and all that. I think she has a point.
I'm pretty sure that anything I did for Noah, even quilting his beloved Arsenal badge on it, would be too girlie for this boy wonder.

ps Noah...that poster so has to go...


Anonymous said...

Bless him! It's gorgeous, you're very clever!
It doesn't look girlie to me... I have the opposite with my little boy, he loves a good floral and heart shaped things! (he is only 5 though so maybe he hasn't been boy-ified enough yet) :o)

Mantha said...

Its lovely .. it doesn't look girlie at all .. my lad loves anything pink, the prettier the better LOL .. bless him .. i'm sure he will love it.. :)

Kylie said...

I think Tara has nailed it... any quilt would be accused unfortunately. It is a beautiful quilt though, Karen. At least you can't be accused of not making anything for him... or is that just my kids who have this "you made something for her and not me" thing going? ;) Kx

Unknown said...

from the experience point of a mother of three boys I'd say it's the white. My boys think white it's a girl's colour.

go figure.

(it's gorgeous by the way)

Julie said...

Hmm, not sure where he's coming from there. Maybe he'll come round. It is lovely and well done with the binding - bet there'll be lots more from now on. My boys are colour blind (really quite badly) so they tend to be suspicious about whether colours are girly unless they have someone they trust to tell them otherwise. Juliex

Anonymous said...

You know, from a distance, that red/white print looks kind of, ermm, pink. *ducks*

But it's a gorgeous quilt. I'll have it!