Thursday 2 June 2011

I was rather sad today as screen printing class was cancelled due to a technical hitch.
The plus side of this is that class will last a week longer.
The downside is it will be a week longer before I can get into the workshop and get creating and producing.

Not that I think I'm ready for that...far from it. But what I am ready for is being able to be let lose and try out all the things on my ever-growing list of ideas that I have.

I was however a very good student and spent some time today sketching for the 2 colour design we were supposed to be doing and will now (hopefully) be doing next week.

This isn't a completed design. It may not even make it to printing stages, but it was fun playing around with patterns and seeing it grow.

You may see this one printed next may see something along these lines...knowing me, you will most probably see something completely different.

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Anonymous said...

I WISH i was as good as you at this stuff - I loved it, but you are much better at coming up with the designs than I am. Trying hard not to be jealous!!