Tuesday 22 November 2011

With all the sewing I've been doing of late, It's hardly surprising that I am left with copious amounts of scraps.
Altho it would be a misnomer to call this a bag of scraps.

Leftovers it is but, apart from the few strips on the top, the smallest piece is about 20 x 20cm...hardly a scrap! And the largest is probably about 25 x 30cm. And not only that, together there must be almost half a metre of fabric here in total.

So if you have been eyeing up my fabrics but want to get a closer inspection, or quite fancy a selection rather than one big piece, this is the bag for you!

It's available right here and as I said, the rate the sewing is going in these parts, I'm pretty sure there will be plenty more pretty soon...

Amendment: Wow, that was quick!...it is now sold, but hopefully be more very soon ;-)

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