Thursday 3 November 2011

My Creative Space...

My creative space, as is of no surprise to you I am sure, is full of my screen printed fabrics, various lining fabrics, pouches in progress, made up pouches and last but not least...scraps.

I have several big fairs coming up and consequently there is a lot of pouch action going on. I love coordinating my screen printed outers with various lining fabrics. I had a big delivery this week from my lovely aunt in US, who always acts as my go-between for bringing me fabric over. More of that another time, but one fabric is just perfect for linings...Cloud 9's The Banks in Ocean is just beautiful. Like all Michelle's fabrics, they look and feel even better in real life and this one is no exception. Simply love it.

Anna Maria Horner's PAstry Line Voiles are another fave at the moment that I've told you about recently. not only are they so exquisitely buttery soft, but the colours are so perfectly beautiful.

I particularly love the yellow (well, duh!) but the pink is equally gorgeous.

I had a commission this week for a larger pouch "big enough for my knitting whilst on the move" requested the customer. Hope this does the job! Because it is so large (about 40cm across the top) I put a wrist handle on it...I quite like the feature.

And when all the cutting and making is done, this pile of scraps is what I'm left with. I'm really not sure what to do with them, but I definitely know I can't bear to put them in the bin.

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p.s. i meant to say, for all you lovely people who have expressed an interest in purchasing some of my fabric, I'm listing some bit-smaller-than-fat-quarter panels in my Etsy shop and there will be more added as i go... so head over here to see if anything takes your fancy...thanks for your encouragement, lovely peeps x


Debra said...

love the grey in there amongst all the prettiness...gorgeous fabrics

Gill said...

Gorgeous fabrics!
Re your scraps, you could send them to me!!!! just saying!!

Roslyn said...

Pouches are great, so versatile! Love the fabrics, especially the yellow!

Hena Tayeb said...

The pouch looks great.. I love the choice of fabric.. and the gray and yellow palette has always been a favorite of mine