Thursday 8 September 2011

It's amazing how much one can get done in a very short space of time.
Now that the children have gone back to school, it was full speed ahead preparation for the Saltaire Maker's Fair.

I was in the screen printing studio on Tuesday and then it's been all systems go sewing for the past couple of days.
I'm really really looking forward to the Fair, more than any other that I have been part of.

I've visited Saltaire Art's Trail before (the Maker's Fair is a central part of the trail) but never been in a position to apply let alone be accepted.
I'm certainly not quite ready yet (it's fine...there are still 48 hours to least) but I've been working damn hard these last few days to make sure there will be plenty on my table to peruse.

There will be lots of new stuff, lots of old faves and hopefully lots for everyone.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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Kylie said...

Oh Karen, it all looks wonderful! Good luck. I know you're going to get it all done and have a super sparkling stall at that :) I'll be thinking of you and wishing I could be there. Kx