Friday 16 September 2011

I had a little bit of playing time today.
Well, that's not wholly accurate. I was asked for some more cushions this week from one of my lovely stockists and since I hadn't made up any yet with my screen printed fabrics, I wanted to have a little creative experimenting time.

It can be quite stressful 'having' to produce something, but actually there was no stress involved today.

I knew I wanted to keep the cushions quite simple, but yet when they are sitting on a shop floor things have to have a 'look at me' factor. I picked out my pile of vintage fabrics, a pile that's dwindling rather too rapidly and set to work.

I like to put things in situ for a while after I've made them - on a bed, on a shelf, somewhere I can pass by and see if they catch my attention. And I have to say, these do. I'm really pleased with them and just as soon as I replenish my vintage fabric stash , there will be more of these heading into my shop.

And the best bit of all? My work really is playing!


verykerryberry said...

Beautiful pairings of your prints with the vintage, they look like they have always lived together!

Kylie said...

They are gorgeous Karen! I have to do the same process... time taken to just look and see how designs strike me :) Hope you're having a great weekend. Kx

Wendy said...

Really pretty. The fabrics go so perfectly with the ink colours you've used.

henny designs said...

These are lovely! x

Judi said...

These are lovely Karen. My Dad is a water colourist and he would put his paintings around the house for days just to see how they 'felt' until he was happy to sell them. Just as you are doing with your work. It has to be done, they are lovely.