Monday 18 July 2011

The sewing into napkins is now complete and what a lovely activity it turned out to be. To be honest I anticipated making them to be rather fiddly, but was more than pleasantly surprised to find this was not the case.

I'm not sure why I should have expected otherwise, as I have had this revelation with almost all, if not all, sewing activities I have done. I always envisage something to be more complicated and thus annoying than it turns out to be. I am self taught and consequently forget I am quite competent.

Because this was so enjoyable, I sewed away making quite a few sets of these...all of which are now sold and gone on to their new homes where I hope they will be enjoyed by their new owners. I desperately need to get into the workshop this week to print more.

I have put a couple of sets of the not quite perfects into my Etsy shop if anyone fancies a bargain set.


One Flew Over said...

Gorgeous! Both the design and colour x

WandaFish said...

Loving your work!

Kylie said...

Wow! They've all been sold already? That was so quick! I can see why, of course - they're just beautiful Karen :)
I'm exactly the same as you - it probably is the self-taught thing. I expected my cushions to be super hard and couldn't believe it when I actually did it :)) Funny, really, isn't it? I have to get back to screen printing... too many things to do ;) Have a great week. Kx

Jeany said...

Wow these look gorgeous!

I get you with the doubting your own ability thing! Pain in the bum but nice when you really remember that you are good at what you do!