Sunday 24 July 2011

It's turning out to be a really lovely summer with lots of little vacations.
We were at my cousins' last weekend. They have just moved back into their newly built place in the middle of the countryside. It was stunning and such a treat to be hanging out there...swimming pool 'n' all!

Then this weekend we stayed in this stunning hotel, courtesy of my parents - we all went to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. I'm not sure I have been so pampered in all my life. If you have an excuse to do something special, I highly recommend it.

And no sooner are we back than we are getting ready for a vacation to Israel. I am very very excited to be going. We are visiting family, friends and generally looking forward to hanging out in the sunshine for a couple of weeks.

I have presents at the ready (including this), been making pretty, lightweight skirts for Ruby, a dress half way made for me, and then fresh, pretty bags for our smalls...

I think we are ready for take off.


Kylie said...

Oh how lovely to get away on mini-breaks! That hotel looks gorgeous and so excited about your Israel trip - that is going to be fabulous :) Have a great time, Karen! I love this red and white stripe creation. You will be missed here :) Kx

Nicky said...

Great quilt - is it all vintage fabric or have you mixed it up!??

Enjoy Isreal!

Unknown said...

Love mini breaks like these. I'm going to spend next week end at a friends house with the pool and everything, and just can't wait! Hope you'll have a lovely vacation time in Israel :-) And that hotel looks like a princess castle!

Pomona said...

I love the red and white stripe fabric - have a good holiday!

Pomona x

The Little Cloth Rabbit said...

Wow! You have been busy- I'm feeling rather jealous :)
& I love your sunshine quilt too.
Glad you like the outfit :) x