Monday 11 July 2011

It seems like a long time ago now that I was obsessing with Freezer Paper as a printing method, but since doing the Screen Printing Course it took a back seat. Not only did it take a back seat, but I wasn't sure if there was going to be a place for it now that I was screen printing.

Having invested in a fair size roll of freezer paper, I was a bit cross with myself for being so flitty with yet another craft.

Today I learnt that there is definitely still a place for freezer paper printing.
It goes without saying that screen printing is perfect for producing quantities in a way that just doesn't work with freezer paper.
And in contrast freezer paper is perfect for one offs. The time and expense of producing a screen for just one print obviously makes little sense.

So I was delighted to remember my stash of freezer paper that I could use to personalise this commissioned cushion. I used to embroider the details but with my recent penchant for printed fabric I really wanted to find a way of doing this.

I was very pleased to discover that freezer paper still has a place in my crafting...particularly since I have one mighty large roll.
And you never know, Jo and Fran, I may even need another one day soon...


Nicky said...

been following your printing with interest - what ink/dye do you use?

This free paper method looks great but is it as easy as you make it look?

monda-loves said...

that's really sweet Karen - freezer paper works very well here - and it's probably more cost effective than creating a screen too.

Kylie said...

You are so right Karen, and it looks fantastic :) Kx

Nat at Made in Home said...

This looks super good!

Helen said...

I love the cushion so much and the freezer paper is a great idea1