Sunday 3 July 2011

You know when some weeks start off mental and continue at that pace well into the end of the weekend? This week has been one of those.
Starting with the photo shoot on Monday, it was swiftly followed by a trip to Wimbledon on Tuesday. An overnight stopover (would have been rude not to) meant not being back home til Wednesday and back at "the office" til Thursday, which in itself meant 2 days to fit a week's work in. Not surprising that didn't happen.

The busy week itself was sandwiched between 2 crazy weekends. It's all been good crazy. it's all been fantastic things, but I'm far too old for this racy lifestyle quite frankly.

Because the week was so mad I didn't get time to go to the screen printing workshop, which obviously made me quite sad and yearning to get there. Consequently I've booked to go in tomorrow. I've still got a back log of work from last week but if I don't get in on Monday I've a feeling the week will get crazier and I'm not going to miss another week. As it is we are nearing the school holidays (the boys break up on Thursday - more madness) and it's going to be hard to get in much then.

Last time I was in I was trying out my Bubbles design and one thing I have had time for was making up some pouches in it. I'm really pleased with how it's come out, especially with it combined with the vintage fabric I recently bought and tomorrow am going to be printing in other colours as well as trying out another design.

Crazy it may be, but hopefully productive too. This latest little pouch is in my Etsy store, along with more made in the fab Sumemrsville fabrics and hopefully after tomorrow it will be joined by even more Blueberry Park screen printed designs...

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Caroline said...

I really love your screenprinted pouches, they have such an organic and unique/cool look to them!