Thursday 21 July 2011

Fabric has taken on a whole new meaning since I have been screen printing.
I'm trying to steer away from all the beautiful patterns that once sucked me in and spat my bank cards out. I'm obviously working towards using mostly my fabrics. There is however always a need for all sorts of fabrics, so I'm in little doubt that my shopping days are over...just possibly curbed at the moment.

One thing I am in need of is good base fabrics...good textured, varying coloured fabrics that will work well in taking the ink, as well as being the right weight for different projects.
I have quite a thing for organic fabrics too, so when Rachel announced arrival of all her different organic fabrics, i was pretty sure I'd find some that would work for screen printing.

It's obviously hard to tell by just looking at them. How they take the ink is one of the important factors. So armed with my swatches today, I spray mounted them onto paper and set out to print.
It's quite interesting to see how the different fabrics take the ink and the different colours too. I used a dark ink because if they work well with this then they are going to work well with any.

As well as the coloured fabrics, I tried a good range of white ones. I'm going to need a real good look at these to narrow down my choices, but I was really pleased how they worked out and am pretty sure I have found some good dependable base fabrics for screen printing.
And organic too...


Kylie said...

Ooo, I've always wanted to do this!! Love love love it, Karen! What a fabulous resource to have. I'm starting to get organised with my fabric printing again... I do know how you feel. I just want to use my own fabric, not other people's, as much as I might like them ;) It's funny, isn't it? Does this mean you're not so interested in having any of mine now? I won't be offended. Thanks again for this fab post :) Kx

Nicky said...

Love all your experimentation - this piece is interesting in itself to look at!

Whitney-Anne Baker said...

it's looking good you know. The link to rachel didn't work and I'm investigating orangic fabrics for a possible new project. Any chance you could re-do the link?

Fiona Wilson said...

Screen Printing is truly addictive. Looking like you are developing some great patterns and colour combinations here. :)

Cally said...

Great idea Karen - and these are works of art in themselves! Gorgeous colours.