Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wash Out

We had planned several mini-breaks in England this summer. They all seemed a good idea back in June, when the sun was shining. Who needs to go abroad when it's beautiful here?

I set off on Tuesday with the kids to go camping with my sister and her 3. We had planned to go up to Grassington, a beautiful spot in the Yorkshire Dales, with a lovely camp site on the edge of a river.

We got as far as my sister's house in Hebden Bridge only to make the executive decision to not go camping. Not only were showers forecast, but so were torrential downpours. This wasn't the week to go camping.

After the initial disappointment from the children, we made the best of it. We lit a campfire in the garden, we went walking through the beautiful Hardcastle Crags, had BBQs (albeit cooked on the grill inside!) and generally had lots of fun.

It felt like a great break for a city girl and her family, as the view from my sister's house over the Dales is simply stunning. Not quite camping, but an adventure nonetheless.

Next week we are in Cookham Dean, near Marlow. Please cross your fingers for the weather being slightly more continental.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Grassington is a wash-out, it's so lovely there when it isn't raining! Loving the colour co-ordination at the top of your blog, with banner, great new pincushions photo and matching blue cagoules shot. bethx

Unknown said...

oh dear. The newspaper today wasn't particularly hopeful for good weather. What happened to global warming? I thought it was going to be like the med here in Yorkshire????!!!

Glassprimitif said...

Sorry that the weather's been so bad, we had a similar holiday in Wales last year. You could have come over to see us in Silsden for a cup of tea and to dry out!

Unknown said...

Such a shame about the weather, but it appears you all had fun in your own ways.

One Flew Over said...

It still looks like you had a fantastic time :)

Kylie said...

What fabulous photos! Just loved them. Fun is what you make it :) Have a lovely holiday! K

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Great photos - Yes, Grassington is a lovely place, like Appletreewick and Hebden Bridge...Shame about the weather. If it's any consolation, it's too hot here, so hot the kids have to stay inside all day. Enjoy the rest of your hols!

Lori P said...

What wonderful pictures! Yes, I've camped in heavy rain. Not a pretty sight! You made the right decision and it looks as if everyone had a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

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