Friday 24 July 2009

Brief Absence

Apologies for my absence all week. The Home & Gift Fair went really really well. I've got some lovely new stockists that I'm very pleased to be supplying. And there are some very interesting leads that I'm going to be following up in the coming weeks and hopefully have lots of exciting news to share with you.
The Fair was great on so many levels. As a working Mum who is constantly juggling with life, work and the universe (I know you all know what I mean) doing a Fair enables you to devote time guiltlessly on your career. It's fantastic and oh so rare to be able to throw yourself into that and not feel bad.

Also it is wonderful to be around so many talented people, chatting creative chats and meeting like-minded others, who also understand only too well the juggling and challenges that is involved. I met some fab people and had the pleasure of being in their company this week.

After all your words of encouragement about my pincushions and needle cases, I decided to offer them for sale. And hey, guess what? I sold some! Quite a few actually. So I'm already in the production line of them.
School officially breaks up for my younger 2 today and I always approach the summer holidays with a mixture of pleasure and trepidation. Obviously work can't close for 6 weeks so it's a constant juggling act. So if you don't hear from me very often it will be because the blog will no doubt take a very low position in order of priorities. It will kill me to abandon it somewhat, but all being well I'll be back in full force, renewed and invigorated, in September.


Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Don't worry, we'll wait! I'll be browsing Cloth Paper Scissors in the meantime....x

And also, a big YAY for you! x

Pink Stitches said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Loving your pincushions - great design and fabrics.
Enjoy your summer hols!

Kylie said...

Congratulations on a productive Fair! So glad it went well. Good luck with the holidays! ;) K