Thursday 2 July 2009

Home & Gift

I keep forgetting that I'm exhibiting in 2 weeks (yep, Manda, 2 weeks) at Home & Gift. At least you'd think I had by the fact that I have done zero preparation both in terms of thinking about my stand (I have an extra side wall than at BCTF) and getting my Christmas Kits ready (yes, Christmas, you heard correctly).

The preview magazine came in the post yesterday and look who made it into the Intro North section? Yeah, little ol me!! Guess, I'd better go get ready.


Kickcan & Conkers said...

Hi Karen, it's Deb from sunny south of France! I come from Ilkley, but of course know Leeds very well. We're all going to Ilkley for 2 weeks on Sunday, can't wait! I found you via Folksy, you have so many lovely products. I'll order those two kits when we get back, when the boredom sets in! I'm planning on doing another post on my blog tonight or tomorrow including tree fall's princess and the pea set(gorgeous), so more publicity there - glad I've found you!

Anonymous said...

That's cool - guess I should have sent pics when they asked for them??? I haven't received my copy yet. But Selvedge did arrive, so it's all good! xx