Sunday 19 April 2009

Easter Break

Well that has been more of a break than I anticipated. But really should have been no surprise as it is impossible to have normality during the school holidays. And with more than the usual amount being crammed into this one, I really should have been prepared for no Blueberry Park/Blogspot/Crafting time. And boy am I eager for tomorrow 9am. Everyone back to school and me able to devote my days to everything right here. I need to make a start on fulfilling my new stockist orders which fills me with lots of excitement.

Don't get me wrong. We've had a really lovely time this holidays and had a real break which we all needed. We went out for dinner with my parents last night who thought we all looked very rested - which wasn't what they were saying about me the week before. And we had a fab fab time in Northumberland with our great friends.

(Views from the bottom of the garden)

But I'd left Leeds on a real high after the success of BCTF and am just desperate to get going on it and immerse myself in it. And I guess with the forced break I have renewed vigour to do so. I was pretty run down by the end of it.

(Quite an inspiring cricket pitch)

So lots to report over the next week. But just before I go I want to thank you all for your amazing support and congrats on the back of BCTF. It really means alot. x

(Ooh and I haven't forgotten to post the Lemon Curd Recipe btw for all those that requested it - it was delicious by the way and gobbled up by anyone who was quick enough to visit whilst there was still a scraping)


meplusmolly said...

You look like you had a fab break! nothing like seeing the family and getting out 'n' about. back to the studio to create now then!;0 x

Anonymous said...

that brought back a right load of memories - i have played cricket on that very spot. thank you