Saturday 25 April 2009

PIP - Purse in Progress

Matthew is in Milan for the weekend with his 2 old Uni pals. It's actually the first time he's been on a boys weekend - not counting stag weekends and the like. I was quite keen for him to organise this trip as it's almost time for Perpignan revisited. You may remember I went off with the girls last September. Well we are now planning Perp 2 and to save the guilt of abandoning the family again I needed Matthew to have had his weekend off too.

All very interesting, you may think, but where on earth is this leading? To a guiltless evening's sewing of course! I work in the attic alot in the evenings. If it's to fulfill orders then there is no choice. The job has to be done. If it is simply playing around with fabric then I try and do that on an evening when Matthew is either out or working himself. He hates to feel neglected - poor lamb.

So last night I had one such evening. Matthew away. Kids all in bed (albeit 9pm by this point) and just me, my fabric, a glass of wine and music for company.

A few weeks ago when I last had the opportunity I'd been sewing together some of my gorgeous bits of cut-offs. It had been sitting in a corner waiting for time to turn it into something. Last night was the night and it happily turned in to this purse.

Now because I always start off with whatever size pieces I have, I never really have in mind what I am going to do. (Mental Note - must start being more planned) So when these pieces were joined together, whilst I was thrilled with the combinations I wasn't entirely sure what it was going to become. A purse, pencil case, make-up bag? Well in all honesty, it doesn't really matter. It could be any of the above or something entirely different.

One little extra detail I'm quite pleased with (Mental Note Number 2 - make items versatile) was to attach not one but 2 buttons, to make it adaptable. I was quite pleased with that one. In fact tonight, when he's still away I'll be up there again refining what I did and ironing out the little glitches in the design.


Anonymous said...
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One Flew Over said...

With 2 children of my own I know how precious an evening of sewing can be. It's funny how after kids come along the simple and small things feel so indulgent! I hope you enjoyed every minute it of, the purse looks fab and I love the use of Kristen's peacocks - gorg!

Dee said...

Like this, great colour and pattern combination.