Thursday 5 March 2009

A place for everything...

...and everything in its place.

My gorgeous attic studio had got a little bit out of hand to say the least. Over the Christmas silly season everything gets dumped and there is no time to make sure it is all away and sorted. I probably should have taken a before picture to show you quite how bad, but you'll just have to believe me on that one. Noone was allowed in - I was far too embarrassed for anyone to see what I slob I'd become. Right, Manda?

When work slowed down in the New Year I got on the case of sorting it out. This was no mean feat. Stock was left in all sorts of places. Fabric was thrown (gasp) any which way it can and it was generally a complete trash pit.

Stage 1 was to clear out the cardboard boxes of stock lying randomly all over the floor.

Stage 2 was to do a proper stock take and put it all away in an organised fashion.

Stage 3 was to pull down all the fabric piles and sort and put away properly.

Stage 4 was to clear the desks and file the paper work.

Stage 5 was to sit back and enjoy.

I am determind to not let it get as out of hand as it did. I am so lucky to have this amazing space to work in and even though I enjoy being up there under any circumstances, I am the first to admit this is now a pure slice of heaven.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed such a gorgeous attic studio! And you have a view over the park!! It looks great and ready for work now: stage 5 was well earned. Francesca

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

Thanks, Francesca. I do indeed have a view over the park. It really is heaven

Bikram Back Row Girl said...

Looks like a wonderful place to work. It makes me wish I was better at sewing.

Kristy said...

I can see you've put your IKEA boxes straight to good use!
Love the room.One day I'm going to pinch the attic room of my girls and have it all for me.There's something so peacful about being 3 floors up.