Thursday 19 March 2009


There are less than 3 weeks to go (I'm saying that very quietly, because it's too scary) before BCTF, I'm slowly getting everything together. It is fair to say it is taking over my life at the moment. I'm either thinking about it, doing something for it or tearing my hair out as a result.

I am very excited about taking my kits out in the big wide world of trade fairs, but unbelievably nervous as well (that was a polite way of putting it). It could be a very costly mistake. But you don't know unless you try.

If you live in the vacinity, or are planning to make a specific trip up to Harrogate to come, please let me know and I can send you an invitation.

(And I've learnt the art of mosaics - albeit it's a bit on the small side. So I need to look into lesson 2 on that - unless anyone has any tips?)

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Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, sshhhhhhh!!!!