Monday 23 March 2009

Sew not on the To Do List

I've been so busy of late that I haven't had much time to just sit and 'play' in my studio. (Apart from the latest cards of course)

As we all know, just because we are busy it doesn't mean our minds stop going off on a creative tangent. I decided to take a few bits with my whilst sitting watching Ruby's swimming lesson yesterday and came up with these little brooches. I'm quite pleased with them. Perfect on bags etc.

I've also been reading alot about patchworking recently and been keen to have a go. I pulled out these fabrics last night (some of my new linens and a gorgeous greeny Amy Butler number) and got started.

The colours have come out a bit sludgy here (not helped by photographing on the carpet) but I love the freshness of them, which hopefully will be apparent when they are finally finished.

I haven't quite decide what it is going to be. Maybe a tote. Maybe a cushion. Maybe a pot holder. But it's fun getting started and having a go.

Hope you have also managed a bit of creative time away from the humdrum of what you should really be doing.


Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Love the buttons on those brooches! And can't wait to see what the patchwork becomes....xx

Dee said...

I keep meaning to have a go at patchwork, love these fabric combinations.