Sunday 29 March 2009

Off on A tangent

I've got a hellava week. BCTF is no longer round the corner (look away now, Manda), but at the end of the road. Saturday is set up day. I'm beginning to feel a bit nauseous about the whole thing.

Not only that but Passover is next Wednesday and I have 22 for dinner that night (note: that's the day straight after BCTF) and 13 for dinner and guests for the week the day after.

So not much going on then.

A good friend of mine always quotes Parkinson's Law to me at times like this. Parkinson's Law states that everything that needs to get done always gets done in the time available. I think that means if it has to get done it will get done. Even if you have to stay up all goddamn night to do so.

This week is definitely stretching the limits of ol' Parky's Law and only time will tell if there is ever an exception to the rule.

Consequently, do you think this week was the week to indulge in my latest obsession? I think not. Ruby and I went to the The Beadwork Fair in Harrogate yesterday. I'd made a couple of lariats a while ago and was looking for some inspiration for some more. As you do. WHen you've time on your hands. With nothing better to do.

I was fairly restraint. There were stands and stands - and more stands - of strings and strings - and more strings of the most delectable stones and my head was spinning with all the things I could make with them. I came away with a very small collection (but many cards of which to contact at a later date when I have a smidgin more time than I do now)

These first ones are Thai Silver from the Hill tribe 'Karen' women (well it would have been rude for ME not to!) I've actually been there and can picture these women skillfully creating these pieces, which I thought would look fab on a simple leather tie.

I wasn't going to buy these denim stones. I haven't time to play with them right now and they are certainly distracting me big time. BUT these Dumortierite stones are just so fresh and springlike in their colour and so tactile it hurts that I could not leave them there. Tied on a simple light blue ribbon and voila, a new spring necklace. (And enough left over to make a little bracelet too.)

Finally, one for the boys. My boys love pendants and I thought these lead and nickel free metal stars would look really cool on a leather tie. They thought so too and now they are up in the shop.

Now I need to put everything in a box, literally and figuratively and wait for all this to pass and then I can get it all out and have a good ol' guiltless play.

Life is very distracting. Or maybe it is just my inability to stay focussed. Or maybe it is the same for most of us out there. There is so much crafting to do and oh so little time. Life is definitely a whirlwind tha leaves me very dizzy, but I really wouldn't have it any other way.

As for yet another new possible prospect... Let's just say, watch this space.

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Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Don't worry, Parko will win the day, you'll see. All will be well. (I believe that was Julian of Norwich. Nothing of mine is original.)x