Friday 3 October 2008


Not that I want time to run away with itself. I have so much to do at the moment that I want to put 2009 off for as long as possible. But my new diaries have just arrived and I am so excited about the colours that I just wait to see them in action.

I was hesitant to move away from my uniform of Aquas and Pinks. But I am SOOOO pleased that I did.
Taking my inspiration from the cat-walk (am I sounding like I know what I'm talking about?) I decided to be brave and have opted for Purple and Greens. They are just gorgeous.
And for those of you that are more really can't go wrong with the classic Chocolate Brown.
They will all be available here asap, but until then just post me a little comment/email and I'll put one on one side for you. I've a feeling they are going to fly off the shelves.


Daisie said...

Am really glad you were brave with the colours you chose, the purple is lush!

Rebecca said...

They're gorgeous! Please can I have a purple one? This is offically the start of Christmas shopping - eeek!