Tuesday 14 October 2008

Luscious shop

For those of you that don't know it, The Leeds Craft Centre & Design Gallery is a haven of stunning work by lots of talented people. It is brimming with beautiful eye candy, from exquisite jewellery to the most tactile ceramics to gorgeous textile items.

Some of my favourite designers are often found featured here. Ken Eardley. Helen Noakes. Poppy Treffry. Linda Bloomfield. I could go on and on.

Matthew works very close to here and whenever we can we meet in the equally gorgeously renovated Gallery cafe upstairs for lunch. We then saunter downstairs and have a mooch in the Craft Centre.
They have a fantastic selection of handmade greetings cards too.

On one of our visits I was in an unusually confident mood and decided to approach them about my cards. I'm not sure what prompted me to do this. So many times I go in to places like this and feel in awe of the talent out there. Maybe we'd had wine with lunch that day. Whatever the reason, I'm so glad I did because they said they sounded interesting and please bring them in.

So I did.
And they loved them.

And I got a cheque this week because not only do they love them, but it seems that their customers do too!
I am still completely overwhelmed that my modest cards are holding their own in this hugely talented arena. So thank you to those that believe in me - and keep buying the cards - the Christmas ones they have ordered should be arriving any day.

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