Tuesday 21 October 2008

Shop Update

I'm not sure how I am managing to get anything done this week because Ruby and Noah are off school AGAIN for 2 days. But for some reason this is being my most productive week for ages - and it's still only Tuesday.

I wonder if it's that age old scenario of working best under pressure. I've loads of deadlines this week and even though I have very little time, it just HAS to get done. So it is! Okay, so the house is a mess, washing stays in the machine for days, but work is looking great.

I'm very aware that Christmas is round the corner and so have been very conscious about getting everything in the shop so all my lovely customers have something to buy. So today I managed to upload the christmas cards on to Blueberry Park as well as these lovely babies. I've been delighted that the delightful Kristen has let me be a stockist for her words-can-not-describe-how-gorgeous-these-beauties-are Matryoshka Making Kits. Go take a look and grab one while they are in stock, because honestly, with them being featured in Sew Hip too, they aren't going to be around for long.

Not only do they make a fantastic gift themselves, but you could be really creative and make some gorgeous christmas presents with them. Brooches, purses filled with dolls, magnets. Just let your imagine get carried away while gently stroking this beautiful fabric. Ok, maybe I'm getting a little bit obsessed now :-)

Also new in the shop is this fun Advent Stocking Calendar Kit. I realised this really had to get listed in the shop so you've all got time to make it before December 1st arrives. I think this will be a really fun thing for a family as a whole to do. How exciting will it be to see whose stocking it is that day? And what a gorgeous heirloom to get out year after year.

So, busy times, busy actions and still loads more exciting things to come. Don't worry...I'll keep you posted.

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