Tuesday 23 September 2008


I'm feeling like I'm getting life back on track. Actually, what I really mean is that I'm feeling like I'm finally getting some time back for ME. And time for me means time for crafting.

One thing I find hard in business is thinking ahead. I seem to miss out on various occasions by not thinking a few months ahead. Which, for those that know me, won't be too surprised. I'm lucky if I've remebered to do things for today by the time I get to bed at night. So forward planning is one of my downfalls.
Last January I swore I was going to plan ahead for Christmas for Blueberry Park. Needless to say, it's not yet October, but I've already missed it. So here I go again, back pedalling, trying to resuscitate it and hope I pull it out of the bag in time.

Consequently, I have no idea what made me think September was a good time to start thinking about Halloween. But yesterday the urge took me and I found myself having lots of fun creating some ghouly felt decorations.

The latest addition to my Mini Bunting Kits are available here. I'm also thinking of doing some already made up. What do you reckon?

So be more prepared than I am and hopefully you'll have them made and up for Halloween!

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