Tuesday 9 September 2008

Let's make Cake

There I was minding my own business (trying to get down to my own business) when Samuel came bounding in declaring 'Let's make a Cake!' He took me so by surprise that the only answer to that was 'Yes, let's!'

As I think I've mentioned, Samuel starts High School this week. He actually starts tomorrow so today is our last day together. We've had a lovely time spending time together while Noah and Ruby already went back to school. And I've a feeling that once he enters the independence of High School, he's not going to want to stay at home baking, however much chocolate is involved.

I know I don't spend enough time with my children. I certainly don't get much opportunity for one on one time. So when opportunities come along you really have to grab them.

Judging by the bowl licking expressions, I think Samuel had just a good time as I did.

And when the result looks this good, I hope there will be many more 'Let's Make a Cake' Days.

And when this is what is waiting, Ruby didn't mind being at school and missing out on the cosy time Samuel and I had.

Well, good luck at High School my little one. I hope you enjoy it half as much as we enjoyed today. x

(As for more from the U.S... I promise that will follow very shortly x)

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