Monday 15 July 2013

life the sunshiny way...

 i'm beginning to feel what it must be like living in know when you know it's going to be nice the next day and don't need to worry about what you should wear, whether to take a coat or brolly just in case.

we are all loving the outdoors living that's going on round these parts. everything is taking place on the deck. quite why the house is still a mess i have no idea...we aren't even in it!

even the cutting mat has been brought outside to do a certain project for a certain young lady...
along with the paints for the afore-mentioned young lady to have fun with the off cuts.

gorgeous weather brings shopping for gorgeous clothes for the teenager. i just love this shirt fabric and can't wait for him to grow out of it so i can cut it up...unless of course the younger teenager decides he wants his turn with it too.

saturday's tea party was an outdoor affair too. 
it was a bitter sweet day as we all got together for what would have been dad's birthday. we tried to keep ourselves jolly with reminiscing and talk of how much dad used to enjoy his birthday teas despite being a diabetic and spending the whole afternoon with him trying to avoid being told off by mum for sneaking bites of things he shouldn't be eating.

despite the outdoors living i've still been managing to get plenty of printing time in the cellar and sewing in the attic but boy is it hot up there.

isn't life better when the sun shines?


lindsey said...

Looks like a fab time...would have liked to have attended the tea party :)
Your printing is wonderful!

76 sunflowers said...

Yes it is! The sunshine always makes everything better. I love what you did with the letter offcuts!

Nicky said...

Remember the good bits and talk about them often! It helps - especially the funny stories.

Agree on the shirt! Love the printing - as ever!

Charlotte said...

it has been wonderful to be able to rely on the sunshine for a change. Oh, and xxxxxxx

Rachel said...

The tea party looks lovely, as do those new prints!

Archie The Wonder Dog said...

The tea party sounds lovely - sad, but lovely xxxx