Friday 5 July 2013

very chirpy indeed

 after some late night sewing last night finishing off these bags i popped into my most favouritest new local design shop, chirpy this morning to drop them off along with some other pieces that lovely owner harriet had ordered.

we have been crying out for a shop like this in the area. i have been very tempted to open one up myself to satisfy the need but thank goodness someone as talented as Harriet came along and did it.

chirpy really is a gem of a shop. 
from the minute you walk up the higgledy stairs into the packed full light strewn front room, there is treasure to be seen with every turn of the eye.

it's a real homage to handmade design and a place that i feel utterly proud to be stocked in.

not only has harriet selected exquisite pieces to stock (i want everything in there) but her choice of furniture to display them in and on is everything you would want in your home from the beautiful wooden dressers to mid century-esque coat stands and peg rails.

if this shop was done by someone else (me) it could end up looking like the worst case of jumble sale mayhem but harriet is one of those very talented people with the midas touch of styling and stock selection.

and there's more...
drag yourself out of this room and walk up the stairs to another stunning light filled room that harriet has converted into a workshop space.

 along the way you will see more treasure - harriet hasn't wasted an inch of space in her beautiful shop.

upstairs, as well as a large table for the workshops, harriet has created a cosy feel with an ample display of cushions on comfy sofas.

if you live nearby you really must go visit chirpy. if you don't live that close by it is certainly worth a special trip. 
and whilst you are in the area grab some sustenance at the equally wonderful sunshine bakery...a realy gem of a place.

thank you all for your brilliant suggestions for my latest fabric design. 

i really loved them all but one really stood out...go check out here which one it was...


Charlotte said...

wow! what a gorgeous shop! Congratulations :-)

Cassandra said...

Oh, Congratulations!! your gorgeous fabrics and bags will look just perfect stocked in that adorable shop. I would love to spend an hour or two there :)

Nicky said...

I could get lost in there for days!

Well done you - as you say she has a good eye for design!

Love the name wink!

Unknown said...

Your Bags look Great and I Agree with you about the Shop it is Gorgeous.

Jess Hogarth said...

I love Chirpy too! You've put some fab snaps up!Great post to read. x

Anonymous said...

Your descriptions spot on! We clearly have a mutual love of Chirpy!

Di said...

That looks like a fabulous shop. I would be very poor if I lived nearer! Congrats on getting your gorgeous bags into the shop.
Di x

Kay Eyles said...

If only I had this shop near to me. It looks gorgeous and just the place to find pretty presents. The bags are great too.

Collette said...

gorgeous shop love the bags and I really must remember and read your blog!!!!!!! x soz

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Lovely looking shop, and great bags xxx