Saturday 18 February 2012

There's something very lovely about having Me Time on the weekend...

...especially when it involves sewing and especially when it involves sewing at one of my favourite places.

I'd been looking forward to the cushion making workshop with Donna Wilson for what seemed like aeons. I can't even remember when I booked it, but after a tweeting with Katy and Helen sometime last year, whilst in the middle of Christmas mayhem, we booked on the course as something to look forward to at some point in the future.

And today, very excitedly, the future arrived.
In a beautiful light strewn first floor studio space was the lovely Donna Wilson and all her stunning felted wools.
We had a choice of sewing an appliqued green square cushion (I'll leave Katy, below, to tell you about that one) or, the one I chose, a cloud cushion with 3 raindrops.

The main pleasure of the workshop, besides seeing Katy and Helen and besides being Weekend Me Time, was working with Donna's gorgeous fabrics. The task was very basic...merely using Donna's template...but the result was just perfect...
...and as predicted, one little girl decided it was perfect for her...she's going to be sorely disappointed come bedtime when I grab it back.

As well as the workshop there was an exhibition with Donna's work. Katy and I went for a quick look around after the workshop.

It was as expected, a quirky show of Donna at her best, from the woollen arrows leading the way to the exhibition to the forest of creatures.

Her work is so unique and full of fun, with lots of humour at every turn.

Above and below are 2 of my favourite creatures in the forest.

All in all, a very lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and here's to plenty more Me Time Weekends...or Any Times for that matter.


Nicky said...

Sounds like you have had lots of fun! The felt animals are cute!

Unknown said...

jealous doesn't even begin to describe it.


Fleur Cotton said...

Ooh 'Me time', I'd love a bit of that!

Fleur xx

lisa stubbs said...

Wow, what an amazing workshop to go to! I saw the Donna Wilson exhibition at YSP just before Christmas, it's great! and the fabric are beautiful! I think she uses woolen fabric from Denby Dale just down the road! Love your cushion! fab! and I've just read your post on Ruby screen printing, brilliant! Ruby's bag was very professional! a star in the making!:)

picciolo said...

wow I so wish I could have gone, what an amazing workshop. - And I just left a comment on Donna Wilsons blog saying I loved the cloud cushion, I didn't realise it was yours!
: )