Friday 3 February 2012

I don't know about you, but I occasionally get what I think are spam comments on my Flickr pics.
I mean, congratulating me on Explore...isn't that for, like, AMAZING shots.
Well, thanks to Lynne for putting me straight that apparently I have been on Explore and so they are legit Congrats AND what's more I've been on 11 times!
I am seriously over-whelmed, amazed, flattered that some of my pics have been picked out, for whatever reason and caught someone's eye, so THANK YOU, Mr (Ms) Explorer Dude for liking me enough to do just that.
And here for you are my 11 Explorer Stars...

It's dead easy to see if you have any too (thanks to a quick lesson from Lynne...) simply go to Big Huge Labs Scout. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised ;-)


myBearpaw said...

I just saw your conversation on twitter and went to check out mine too, and I have 12! And not ones I would have expected either, I think it must be to do with lots of view all at once. I didn't make a poster though now I've seen yours (Explore made a lovely selection) I might go back and do it! Thanks to you and to Lynne (who obviously knows everything!) for this crucial information!

rachael {imagine gnats} said...

ha! i have one... weird. it says something about "interestingness" which i've always found odd and never bothered to figure out what in the world they mean by that :)